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  • Episode 2 – A Glass of Seoul’s Clean Tap Water Arisu!

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    Episode 2 of Seoul’s webtoon series with illustrator Soosemi!
    Is Seoul’s tap water safe to drink?

    Seoul boasts a world-class tap water supply system that offers citywide access to clean and safe drinking water—anytime, anywhere! Not only that, but participants of a blind taste test even evaluated that it tastes better than the bottled water of some well-known brands!
    That clean and safe drinking water is called Arisu—Seoul’s very own tap water named after the old name of the Hangang River, and consumed by all citizens of Seoul.
    Visiting Seoul and find yourself thirsty? Feel free to try a glass of Arisu!
    * Soosemi (@soosemi_diary) is a content creator who illustrates cute drawings and writes witty stories of everyday life.

    Here is Seoul! Walking on a hot day makes you feel thirsty. It's so hot! Shall we drink some water at the drinking fountain? Oh gosh! Why are you drinking the tap water? What's wrong? Tap water is really clean!
    You can trust and drink tap water in Seoul! Harmful substances are entirely eliminated via a thorough water treatment! So, in a blind test, Seoul got a better review than global bottled water brands.
    You can drink purified and high-quality water wherever in Seoul! Yes, I was surprised when the restaurants in Seoul gave me water for free! Seoul's water supply facilities are world-class level!
    This technolgy should be known worldwide! Seoul also helped developing water supply facilities in other countries! Seoul's water is not only clean but also warm-hearted!
    It's really cool and tasty! You know what? Seoul's tap water has its name. Name? What is it?
    Long ago, Hangang River was called Arisu. And now it has become the name of Seoul's tap water you can drink for life! It is really great that you can drink safe water no matter when and where! Arisu is the best!