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  • 2021 November (No.201)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, November No.201

    Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021 The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosted the Seoul Global City Competitiveness Forum 2021 online on November 24 with the topic of “Unleash Seoul’s Attractiveness.” A space for detailed discussion with domestic and overseas speakers on the current state of Seoul and developmental strategies it should equip itself was created to strengthen Seoul’s global competitiveness. Last September, the Seoul Metropolitan Government previously declared strengthening city competitiveness as a priority task along with its ambition in making Seoul one of the top 5 cities in the world during the announcement of Seoul Vision 2030, a master plan to directs the next 10 years of the Seoul Metropolitan Government 's city administration. The forum consisted of a total of 2 sessions. The first session was carried out as a contactless forum where domestic and overseas speakers share tasks that Seoul should take to strengthen city competitiveness while presenting a path a global Seoul should take in a foreign perspective, while the second session continued into a debate searching for strategies for Seoul to leap as an attractive global city from a domestic perspective. This forum was hosted at the ‘Seoul-ON video studio’ within DDP (Dongdaemun Design Plaza) and was livestreamed to the world via the SMG’s official YouTube channel.

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    Seoul Shares Smart City Policies with Lima, Peru The Seoul Metropolitan Government hosted the Smart City Cooperation MOU Ceremony with Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon and Lima Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells in attendance online on the morning of November 25. Through this MOU, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will share its world-leading experience in establishing smart city policies accumulated over the years with Peru’s capital Lima, the bridgehead of South America, and contribute to strengthening Seoul’s city competitiveness. The agreement focuses on establishing mid- to long-term strategies and training support for strengthening competence for the development of 3 areas including civilian security, public transport infrastructure, and digital, etc. in Lima. This MOU was carried out in real-time with Mayor Oh Se-hoon at his Seoul City Hall office, and Mayor Jorge Muñoz Wells at his Lima City Hall office. The video of the signing will be soon released on SMG’s official YouTube channel to share among related persons in foreign cities, ODA related agencies, private companies, etc. to establish Seoul’s global position. On the other hand, the SMG is sharing their successful policies in transportation, smart city, etc. which is in high demand overseas. Currently KRW 804.8 billion in policies were exported by providing 89 policies to 50 cities in 34 different countries. Production of Overseas Promotional Video of ‘Seoul Vision 2030’, the 10-year Master Plan of SMG Administration The Seoul Metropolitan Government is planning on producing an overseas promotional video for Seoul Vision 2030, the master plan for the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s city administration for the next 10 years, and spread Seoul’s image as a leading global city which strives to becomes one of the top 5 global cities that leads the world. The video showcases breaking (B-boy+break dance) performances by B-boy group M.B Crew, etc. The performance will become an official Olympic sport during the 2024 Paris Olympics. The 4 future tasks of ‘Seoul Vision 2030’ (coexistence, safe city, future emotional city, global leader) are depicted through dynamic performances held at Seoul’s key landmarks including Gyeongbokgung Palace, Sebitseom Island, Lotte World Tower, etc. to express the SMG’s future visions. The produced video will be used during international events such as forums, exhibits, celebrations, etc., cultural exchanges between foreign cities, and electronic signboards overseas, as well as for publishing on overseas global social media and video media platforms (e.g. YouTube, Facebook) starting December. Seoul, First Local Gov’t to Start New-Concept Public Service with “Metaverse Platform” The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) became the first local government to establish a Metaverse Platform, which is gaining traction as a contactless communication channel in the post COVID-19 era and will start new-concept public services. “Metaverse Seoul” (tentatively named), a high-performance independent platform, will be established until the end of next year and a metaverse ecosystem will be established in all administrations such as economy, culture, tourism, education, complaints, etc. Starting with the virtual Bosingak bell striking ceremony at the end of this year, various corporate support facilities and services such as Seoul Fintech Lab, Seoul Campus Town, etc. will be opened within the metaverse and a comprehensive virtual public service center is planned to be established in 2023. Furthermore, major tourist attractions in Seoul such as the Gwanghwamun Plaza, Deoksugung Palace, Namdaemun Market, etc. will be developed as a ‘Special Virtual Tourism District’, lost historic resources will be recreated in the virtual world, and Seoul’s major celebrations in the metaverse will be reproduced in the metaverse for anyone across the globe to enjoy. The SMG will provide public services which overcome the limitations of space and time through the metaverse platform based on cutting-edge technology and expand it to all areas of administration to enhance work efficiency for public workers.

    [COVID-19] Steady Return To Pre-Pandemic Life (Starting Nov. 1) Seoul Brand Partners Pop-up Store with 50+ Types of Branded Products Climate Action by Global City Farmers at 2021 Seoul International Conference on Urban Agriculture Seoul, First Local Gov’t to Start New-Concept Public Service with “Metaverse Platform” Two Wildcats of Seoul Grand Park Donated to Japan for Conservation of Endangered Species

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