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  • 2021 July (No.197)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, July No.197Seoul Selected by Monocle as the 11th Most Liveable City Seoul was ranked 11th in the Liveable Cities Index 2021 the global lifestyle magazine by Monocle. Monocle, a global affairs and lifestyle magazine popular among global op-ed readers for its exploration into urban lifestyle, announces a list of liveable cities around the world in its “Quality of Life” special edition in July or August each year. This was the first time Seoul has been included in the list since Monocle started announcing the list in 2009. According to Monocle, evaluation items used in the previous survey that are not suitable for the COVID-19 era were excluded from this year’s survey, and cities that successfully preserve the quality of life despite the pandemic and are ready to return back to life before COVID-19 were selected for the list. Ranked 11th, Seoul was evaluated as a city that offers high accessibility and a variety of enjoyments despite its gigantic scale. In particular, Monocle highly evaluated Seoul’s public transportation for being inexpensive and rider-friendly. As another merit of Seoul, Monocle pointed out that Seoul offers a number of locations where happiness can be enjoyed in everyday life, such as areas around Hongik University, Hyehwa-dong and Itaewon. In terms of COVID-19 response, Seoul, although being a city with high population density, received a high point for preventing extensive spreading of the virus through quarantine and contact tracing. This year’s list was topped by Copenhagen (1st), followed by Zurich (2nd) and Helsinki (3rd).Photos of Today Donuimun Museum VillageDownload high-resolution photos of Seoul for free!COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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    Seoul Expands Rent Assistance Program For Young Residents in the Second Half The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has already selected 5,000 young residents in the first half as beneficiaries of its rent assistance program, and will select 22,000 additional beneficiaries in the second half. The SMG is also going to relax the income criteria from 120% or less of the median income to 150% or less of the median income. The SMG introduced the program to ease their burden of excessive housing cost while helping them find their place in society and improve their quality of life. Survey showed that beneficiaries of the rent assistance program who received financial support for ten months showed high satisfaction, responding that they benefited highly in housing (98.7%), finance (95.6%) and living (98.7%). In the first half of this year, the SMG experienced a high demand for the program, receiving a large number of applications that exceeded the target number by far. In this regard, the SMG is going to expand the eligibility for the second half of this year to promote housing stability for young residents. Seoul to Establish Citywide Public IoT Network by 2023 The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) will complete the establishment of a citywide public IoT (Internet of things) network by 2023. The citywide IoT network will be able to collect data on traffic, safety, environment, health, facility management, crime prevention, and disaster control, among other things, through IoT sensors installed all over the city. IoT services, which have been provided through mobile telecommunication networks, will be made available to the public without the burden of cost. For example, IoT sensors can be applied to the affairs of citizens’ everyday life, such as remote water meter checks, fire detection through remote monitoring of power use in traditional markets, and solitary death prevention using motion detection sensors installed in the houses of home-alone senior citizens. The SMG’s goal is to create added values by providing the data to startups and research institutions, and develop various services to improve citizens’ quality of life. Seoul’s Special Protective Measures For the Vulnerable Against COVID-19 and Heatwave In response to the intense, sweltering summer heatwave and the recent wave of COVID-19 infections, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is operating a comprehensive heatwave situation room and implementing special measure to protect the vulnerable, such as the elderly and slum residents, against heatwaves who are already having a hard time due to COVID-19. First, the SMG will cooperate with civic organizations to perform disinfections and provide disinfection items to vaccination clinics and heatwave rest areas where residents who are weary from the scorching heat can take breaks. The SMG will also provide safe accommodations for elders who struggle with sleep during tropical nights. Two outdoor rest areas will be operated near Seoul Station and Namdaemun Market for local residents, and thorough disinfections will be enforced at the twenty indoor heatwave rest areas. The SMG will also reinforce confirmation of vulnerable elders’ well-being and deliver them news of heatwaves to check the health and safety of the elderly. In addition, the SMG will provide vulnerable households up to KRW 3 million for living expenses and medical expenses incurred due to heat illnesses caused by the extremely hot weather as well as cost of air conditioning equipment and electricity bills.

    Level 4 Social Distancing in the Seoul Metropolitan Area Maintained from July 26 to August 8 Seoul to Establish Citywide Public IoT Network by 2023 Starting With Pilot Services in Three Districts This Year Seoul Selected by Monocle as the 11th Most Liveable City Speech by the Mayor of Seoul – “The worst crisis since the outbreak.” Seoul Maintains Current Social Distancing Measures for One Week

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