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  • 2021 December (No.202)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, December No.202

    Seoul Selected as Best MICE City in the World for the Seventh Consecutive Year Seoul was selected as the “2021 Best MICE City” by Global Traveler, a global business travel magazine. Seoul once again confirmed its status as the best MICE city as it was awarded for the seventh consecutive year (2015–2021). The reason Seoul was able to be recognized as the world’s best MICE city for such a long time is thanks to its efforts of continuously seeking ways to develop its MICE industry. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its comprehensive plan for hybrid-type MICE transition, as well as investing KRW 2.1 billion in a total of 117 MICE events through key projects, such as supporting hybrid international conferences using advanced contactless technology, selecting and supporting exhibitions for each developmental stage, and providing disinfection and insurance assistance for safe events. Additionally, experts in law, accounting, labor and psychology are placed in the Seoul Tourism & MICE Company Support Center to provide free professional consultation to companies and workers experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic. Based on these efforts, the SMG displayed significant achievements, such as sweeping prestigious awards in the international MICE sector, even amidst the pandemic.

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    Seoul Participates in CES 2022 The Seoul Metropolitan Government will participate in CES 2022, the world’s largest trade show organized by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) to be hosted in Las Vegas, with 25 innovative companies from Wed, Jan. 5 to Sat, Jan. 8. CES (formerly an initialism for Consumer Electronics Show) is the world’s largest annual trade show held in January at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where Korean corporations such as Samsung, LG and SKT, as well as global companies such as Google, Amazon and Sony, and startups around the world with new digital technology interact with each other. This year’s CES marks the third time the SMG set up booth at the show, this time under the banner of “Next Digital Seoul” with the meaning of showing off Seoul’s even more advanced and upgraded digital technology. The SMG will participate with 25 Seoul-based innovative companies, the largest to date, to introduce each company’s technological solutions to the world while promoting Seoul’s international status as a smart city by advertising its advanced smart policies. Related to this, the Seoul Digital Foundation hosted the booth’s opening ceremony with participation by Mayor Oh Se-hoon and innovative companies participating in CES 2022 at Seoul City Hall on Wed, Dec. 15. The event was held both online and offline due to the worsening pandemic situation, minimizing offline participants and personnel. Nine International Residents Bestowed Honorary Seoul Citizenship Nine international residents from eight countries who contributed and showed various acts of kindness in their respective fields, such as economy, culture, health and tourism, while living in Seoul, have been bestowed honorary Seoul citizenship for 2021. The Seoul Metropolitan Government held the Honorary Seoul Citizenship Ceremony 2021 on Wed, Dec. 1 at Seoul City Hall with limited participation, including Mayor Oh Se-hoon, honorary Seoul citizenship recipients and their select guests in accordance with COVID-19 protocols. This year, the honorary citizens were selected out of 32 internationals from 24 countries recommended by institutions and organizations through a strict screening process by the judging committee. The SMG’s honorary Seoul citizenship system began at around 1958 when internationals who helped restore the city were awarded honorary citizenship. Since then, honorary citizenship has been bestowed to international recipients who have contributed to the development of Seoul’s city administration, including heads of state and diplomatic envoys, for their contribution and friendly cooperation. A total of 891 honorary citizens from 100 countries have been selected and bestowed honorary Seoul citizenship so far. SEOULIGHT’s Surreal World of Lights Displayed on DDP Facade The Seoul Design Foundation (SDF) held the opening show for the large-scale SEOULIGHT event at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) on Fri, Dec. 17, 2021. SEOULIGHT will be held until Sun, Jan. 2, 2022 during which beautiful lights will decorate the night of Seoul four times every day. SEOULIGHT is a media facade festival that displays a variety of content by projecting images on the entire facade of DDP. Started in late December 2019 for the first time, SEOULIGHT has welcomed over a million visitors thus far and become not only one of the more popular winter festivals of Seoul but also a new specialty in the DDP area. This spring, a message of hope was presented to the citizens through the work titled “Light of Hope,” which contained scenes of nature full of beautiful flowers and sprouting new lives. The theme of this year's third annual SEOULIGHT is “Seoul, Up and Running Again with DDP.” It plans to offer comfort for the Seoul citizens and everyone in the world who are fatigued from the pandemic through a virtual world realized by media art, and also to deliver a message of hope to form harmony between mankind and technology and go forward together in such an uncertain future we live in. This time, the park in the back of DDP is also set to be a stage of SEOULIGHT in addition to the façade. A hundred 2-m-tall lighting trees will be installed along the slope of the park to be reborn as DDP Light Garden to greet visitors.

    Reinforced COVID-19 Protocols for Four Weeks (Starting December 6) Temporary Extension of Night Bus Service for Year-End and New Year’s Gatherings Grand Opening of the Seoul Museum of Craft Art (SeMoCA) Commercialization of Autonomous Vehicles Starting in Sangam-dong, Seoul Seoul Selects Future Heritage of December, Including Nakwon Music Mall and the National Museum of Korean Contemporary History

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