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  • 2021 August (No.198)

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    I · SEOUL · U 2021, August No.198Seoul Largely Expands Beneficiaries for “Double Hope Youth Savings Account” The Seoul Metropolitan Government will ease the income criteria for the “Double Hope Youth Savings Account,” a program through that the government returns double the savings amount through 100% matching. This year, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will substantially expand the beneficiary count and select 7,000 new beneficiaries. The income criteria will be lowered from KRW 2.37 million or less a month to KRW 2.55 million or less a month, considering the minimum wage increase. “Double Hope Youth Savings Account” is an asset-building support program that helps young working people, who experience uncertainties in designing their future, establish detailed plans for the future so that they can stably stand on their own feet. When a young working person saves KRW 100,000–150,000 per month steadily over two to three years, double the total savings amount (including interest) will be returned through additional accumulation from the budget of the Seoul Metropolitan Government and private financial resources. Through the “Double Hope Youth Savings Account” program, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has helped a total of 11,049 young people build assets over the last six years, and plans to select new beneficiaries annually for a total of 35,000 beneficiaries.City newsPhotos of Today Insa-dong and Ikseon-dongDownload high-resolution photos of Seoul for free!Popular top news 5COPYRIGHT 1996~2017 SEOUL METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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    Seoul to Develop “Seoul Beauty Road,” a Beauty-themed Tour Course The Seoul Metropolitan Government will develop “Seoul Beauty Road” under the theme of “beauty” as a walking tour course for tourists to visit various locations in Seoul that show Korean beauty trends as well as makeup secrets of K-pop singers and K-drama actors. The Seoul Metropolitan Government appointed RISABAE, a famous makeup artist and a YouTube creator with 2.24 million subscribers, as the “Seoul Beauty Creator Ambassador.” By participating in the development and promotion of Seoul Beauty Road, RISABAE will introduce the sophisticated and differentiated beauty culture of Seoul to the world. Seoul Beauty Road content will be uploaded as vlog posts starting September. With the development of Seoul Beauty Road, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will foster experience-type beauty tour programs as the new flagship business item for the Seoul’s tourism industry. Seoul Supports Childcare Centers Impacted by COVID-19 The Seoul Metropolitan Government will offer a two-month emergency assistance of KRW 1.74 billion from July to August to private and family-run childcare centers in Seoul that are experiencing difficulties in regular operations due to closures and switch to emergency childcare in accordance with level 4 social distancing. Unlike national and public childcare centers that receive partial personnel expenses from the community, private and family-run childcare centers rely on childcare tuition for teachers’ salaries and operational expenses. Hence, in the case that the number of attending children decreases, the retention of hired teachers becomes difficult and can lead to the inability to offer childcare services. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide customized assistance to childcare centers to allow teachers to devote themselves to childcare and for childcare centers to provide regular childcare services to attending children. SMG–ME–SMOE to Build “Eco School” on Closed School Premises for Environmental Education and Experience Programs The Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Ministry of Environment (ME) and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE) entered into an agreement to jointly establish an environmental education infrastructure with the goal of climate crisis response and preparing for a sustainable future. The Seoul Metropolitan Government, ME and SMOE will build “Eco School,” an environmental education facility offering climate and environment-related experience programs. This will be the first metropolitan-unit environmental education facility to be built in Seoul. The completion of this facility is scheduled for September 2024. Eco School will be established as an educational, cultural, and recreational space as well as an environmental education and experience center where not only children and teenagers, but also Seoul citizens of all generations can learn about environment through experience. In addition to educational facilities, such as an exhibition room and classrooms inside the building, Eco School will provide an ecological environment comprising of a greenhouse, a vegetable garden, forest, cultivation fields, and a pond established on the playground and rooftop areas.

    COVID-19 Vaccination for Foreign Residents Aged 18 to 49 Seoul Invites Volunteer “Seoul City Wall Protectors” to Preserve the 600-year History of Seoul City Wall The 3rd Human City Design Award Presents “Safety and Security” Special Prize in the COVID-19 Era New Billboards to Celebrate the 76th National Liberation Day Level 4 New Social Distancing Guideline

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