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Special Issues

  • 2021 April (Vol.59)

  • Special Issues SMG 1072
    I SEOUL U 2021 News Letter Special Issues No.59 April
    Seoul, Up and Running Again Oh Se-hoon Takes Office as the 38th Mayor of Seoul Five Pledges in Inaugural Address of Mayor Oh Se-hoon of Seoul	First, I will focus not only on disease control and prevention, but also protecting the people's economy. The most important task of the mayor of Seoul is to end the pandemic and stabilize the current situation. I will maintain the system of disease control and prevention and prepare reasonable alternatives for the uniform disease control and prevention regulations that have aggravated the economic difficulties of small business and the self-employed while seeking active and effective measures for traditional markets and local commercial areas that have been seriously damaged as well as businesses in the fields of culture and tourism. Second, I will give hope to young citizens in their 20s and 30s based on fairness and coexistence. I will lead the preparation of policies for younger generations in the 20s and 30s, who face difficulties related to employment, housing and education, based on fairness and coexistence so that they can have hope. I will turn Seoul into a city of youth, a city where they can receive fair compensation with fair chances, a city where they design their life and earn opportunities and jobs, a city where they live a stable life and enjoy happy cultural life, and a city where they can have hope and it is natural for them to have such hope. Third, I will carefully but swiftly prepare new housing policies.	I will implement special measures to stabilize the real estate market of Seoul where housing prices are on the rise. I will set strategies for the rapid supply of good-quality houses, support the residence stability of ordinary citizens by developing long-term deposit housing where they can afford to live for a long time, and execute radical measures to prevent real estate speculation. Fourth, I will make Seoul a city where single-person households find happiness. I will have Seoul prepared for the changes in population in the future as a city where the number of single-person households continues to rise. The SMG is operating the special measure task force for preparing comprehensive and well-developed measures in every field, and customized policies for each group, including the young, middle-aged and women, will be practiced as well. Fifth, I will prepare a robust vision for enhancing the quality of Seoul citizens’ life and improving the competitiveness of Seoul. I will launch the Seoul Vision 2030 Committee to develop agendas and alternatives, and Seoul will rise up and run again for its 10 million citizens just as the young run toward their vision with passion.

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