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  • “Zero Pay & Seoul Sarang Gift Certificates” Voted #1 by Citizens from Seoul’s Top 10 COVID-19 News

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    The number one piece of news that citizens voted is “Zero Pay & Seoul Sarang Gift Certificates” among news that encouraged Seoul citizens’ fight against COVID-19.

    Citizens were encouraged to cast their vote on “Seoul’s Top 10 COVID-19 News” among 30 coverages for 26 days from Mon, Nov. 9 to Fri, Dec. 4. This year’s poll saw response from 241,256 citizens, showing greater citizen interest and participation compared to the previous year.

    Seeing the results of the “Seoul’s Top 10 COVID-19 News” poll, citizens appear to have recognized “co-existence,” “untact,” and “S-quarantine” as the main keywords of the year.

    The number one rank of this year’s poll turned out to be “Zero Pay & Seoul Sarang Gift Certificates” (at 9.2% with 58,513 votes). Zero Pay is a mobile payment platform established for reducing the credit card transaction fees for small business owners. In 2020, the platform recorded an accumulated payment of about KRW 750 billion in Seoul, becoming recognized as the new payment model in the COVID-19 era. Starting with the partnership with China’s WeChat Pay, Seoul’s Zero Pay will install a global easy payment system to expand the system and become a global standard in the post-COVID-19 era.

    The second on the list was “Seoul’s Disaster Emergency Living Expense Support” (at 9.0% with 50,962 votes). With the purpose to stabilize the lives of citizens who are severely hit by COVID-19 and boost the depressed local economy, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) received applications for the disaster emergency living expense support from households below 100% of median income in the past March to May. 74.7 percent of the total financial assistance was allotted to industries that are critical for sustaining livelihoods, but their sales were greatly affected by COVID-19, such as the restaurant business and distribution industry. This government assistance was evaluated to have contributed to overcoming the economic crisis by helping citizens going through hard times and workers of industries that affect our livelihood.

    Ranking in third, “Dolbom SOS Center” (at 7.8% with 49,318 votes) created for resolving the issue of care deficit due to the prolonged COVID-19 came third on the list. Dolbom SOS Center provides 8 types of services, including domestic help, nursing, meal support, accompanying support, bulb replacement, and other helpful services. To resolve the issue of care deficit that has arisen with the prolonged COVID-19 situation, the branch centers were urgently installed in 25 autonomous districts since August 2020, providing over 30,000 care services until present. Dolbom SOS Center has drawn a lot of attention of citizens for functioning as an institution that responded the issue of welfare facilities or related systems being unable to provide care in disaster situations such as COVID-19.

    You can check out the poll results on the SMG website (http://www.seoul.go.kr) or by searching “Seoul’s Top 10 News (서울 10대뉴스)” on web search engines (e.g. Daum, NAVER).

    ※ Results of Seoul’s Top 10 COVID-19 News

    ※ Results of Seoul’s Top 10 COVID-19 News
    Rank Title Votes Polling Rate
    1 Zero Pay & Seoul Sarang Gift Certificates 58,513 9.2%
    2 Seoul’s Disaster Emergency Living Expense Support 50,962 8.0%
    3 The “Dolbom SOS Center” for Resolving Care Deficit 49,318 7.8%
    4 Seoul’s Public Wi-Fi “Kkachi On” 36,401 5.7%
    5 Operation of Drive-thru Clinics for COVID-19 Testing 34,433 5.4%
    6 Restriction on Gatherings to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19 29,211 4.6%
    7 Operation of the Epidemiologic Investigation Group for COVID-19 Confirmed Cases 27,529 4.3%
    8 Ways to Strengthen Digital Competency in the Post-COVID-19 Era 24,052 3.8%
    9 Environmentally Friendly Food Relief Support for Households with Students 22,726 3.6%
    10 Disinfection of Public Transport 20,946 3.3%