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  • “Zero Gravity Zone G-Valley” Opens

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    On December 12, the “Zero Gravity Zone G-Valley” was opened for working and employment-seeking youths or those preparing to launch start-up companies in the G-Valley (Seoul Digital Industry Complex) and surrounding areas.

    The “Zero Gravity Zone” was an idea formulated by Korean youths that has now been turned into reality. Last year, the first of these “Youth Hubs” was launched in Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, to promote youth employment. With the establishment of the Zero Gravity Zone in G-Valley, in 2014, and in Daebang-dong in 2015, a total of five of these centers will be established by 2018 in youth-concentrated areas of Seoul.

    The “Zero Gravity Zone G-Valley” was envisioned to be a creative sharing space for youths. Here, young people will create their own community to host various training and activity programs to build competency for employment, freely communicate and discuss various contemporary youth issues, and find rest and relaxation from seeking employment or working. On a total floor space of 293㎡, the Zero Gravity Zone is open from 8 am Monday to 8 am Saturday, 24 hours, so that youths can maximize their use of this space.

    < Imaginative Zone – Creative Zone – Resting Zone – Sharing Kitchen, etc. created to reflect requests from working youths >

    – The “Imaginative Zone (Open Library)” holds books donated by companies and working youths. Youths can browse and read books, and through “Talks with an Author” and “Discussion” programs, the Open Library can help youths learn and refine their level of culture.

    – The “Creative Zone” will offer customized training and mentoring for youths in major business areas of the G-Valley, including IT, BT, Fashion, etc. Through these programs, youths can gain competency for employment in these sectors and also receive help in finding employment through work fairs that involve the participation of well-established companies within the G-Valley. Moreover, financial consulting and labor rights protection counseling for youths will also be provided.

    – The “Cooperative Zone” is a space for workshops, as well as for those preparing to launch a one-person startup.

    – In addition, lounges and nap rooms for youths working night shifts, as well as a kitchen where they can even make meals for themselves will be available.

    Contact: Zero Gravity Zone G-Valley Office (02-864-5002/5003)