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  • Youth Flower Trucks to Visit 25 University Graduation and Commencement Ceremonies

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    In February when beginnings and completions intersect, youth flower trucks will visit university graduation and commencementceremonies.

    The ‘City Youth Moving Flower Market’ that Seoul promotes for the creation of new jobs and revitalization of the floricultural industry will commence operations at university streets starting February in tune with the graduation and commencement season. Operations will take place from February 8th (Friday) until February 26th (Thursday) in connection with a total of 25 universities.

    A flower truck will be composed of one team with two members, and each team will operate one truck for a total of ten trucks. A service is being offered where orders are received in advance from consumers, then visits are made.

    The ‘flower truck’ offers bouquets, fine dust-reducing air purifying plants, and flower baskets in addition to unique flower bouquets appropriate for the graduation and commencement season. There are also foliage plants that can reduce indoor fine dust and sick building syndrome, fragrant bulbs that are suitable for the season, and herbs.

    The flower trucks will be able to be found regularly at the Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market, starting in April, and at Hangang Parks.