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  • Yeouido Spring Flower Festival

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    Yeouido Spring Flower Festival, which has become one of the most popular festivals in Seoul, will be held between April 3 ~ 12 this year.

    <Extension of Bus Operating Hours during the Festival>

    On April 12 and 13, operating hours for the last buses that go through Yeouido heading in the direction of the end line will be extended to 1:20 am at the Yeouido bus stop. Between 1:00 ~ 9:00 pm on April 13 and 14, express subway trains will be operated on Line 9 and the trains will stop at the National Assembly Station. This is in consideration of the positive response from people last year.

    According to Seoul Metropolitan Government, the number of passengers at the National Assembly Station, which is the closest subway station to the flower festival site, increased more than five-fold during the event period last year. The said station will present flower pots to passengers twice a day on April 13 and 14.

    During the flower festival last year, the peak time for visitors at the festival site was between 2:00 pm and 3:00 pm on weekends. The busiest hours at the subway station for people returning home after visiting the site was between 6:00 ~ 7:00 pm.

    ▶ The 9th Hangang Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival (tour.ydp.go.kr)

    <Landscape lighting on Saetgangdari (Bridge) during the festival period>

    The landscape lighting on Yeouido Saetgangdari (Bridge) (a 324 m-long pedestrian bridge linking Singil Station to Yunjung-ro, Yeouido) remain turned off as part of an energy-saving effort. During the festival period (April 3 ~ 13), the lights will be turned on to help people enjoy the sights better.

    The said bridge was designed in the shape of the waters of the Hangang (River), Namsan (Mountain), and hanok rooflines (traditional Korean house). The landscape lighting was patterned shaped birds on the flying.

    <Top 140 streets adorned with spring flowers in Seoul>

     Seoul Metropolitan Government has selected its top 140 streets adorned with spring flowers, which included all parks in the city, riverside paths, and back alleys, and the total length of all the streets is 205 km.

    The streets are divided into: ▴ those good for walking with family members; ▴ those that provide fantastic scenery for car drivers; ▴ those good for jogging; ▴ those displaying many different types of flowers; ▴ those where a spring festival is held.

    ▶ Top 140 streets adorned with spring flowers in Seoul:

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