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  • Yeouido presents ‘Road of Wind’

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    Seoul City held an unveiling ceremony on Dec. 4 for the “Road of Wind” art structure, a city gallery piece symbolizing the history, miracles and hopes of the nation’s capital.

    The artwork, located in the southern end of the Mapodaegyo (Bridge) near exit No. 2 of Yeouinaru Station, measures 25 meters long and 10 meters high. It is the largest work of the city gallery art pieces, Seoul City said.

    An aerial view of the Hope landmark

    The overall design of the “Road of Wind” artwork illustrates the head of a boat rising above Namsan, suggesting a powerful boat moving forward. Seoul City said this illustration symbolizes Seoul citizens filled with hope, despite all the obstacles they have to face.

    This structure not only functions as an art piece but also as a spectacle that brings enjoyment to the public as a pleasurable cultural piece in a public rest area.

    Visitors can stand on the spectacle piece, allowing them to imagine and feel the power of the boat passing along the Hangang (River) and Namsan (Mountain).

    Seoul City said it expects the piece to become a special attraction of the neighborhood.