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  • Yeouido Global Business Center Opens in North East Asia’s Financial Hub

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government has established the Yeouido Global Business Center on the third floor of Office Building 1 of the Seoul International Finance Center in Yeouido, an area packed with global financial firms and foreign-based investment firms. The new facility, the second of its kind in Seoul after the Gangnam Global Business Center, will start operating on January 12.

    Exterior view of the center

    At the Yeouido Global Business Center, professional counselors proficient in foreign languages (English and Chinese) provide foreign-invested firms and international residents in Seoul with counseling on a comprehensive range of issues, including the business environment in Korea, regulations and laws on business startup and investment, finance, tax, real estate, and labor affairs, and diverse types of information required for living in Seoul.

    Interior view of the center, Incubating Office

    The Yeouido Global Business Center also regularly holds seminars and education on business startups, and provides investors with comprehensive information according to their areas of interest. The center also enables the formation of communities for exchange and information sharing between foreigners launching new businesses in similar fields, thereby providing assistance during the early stages of business startup and expediting investment.

    An onsite administrative service office has also been set up at the center, where officials from the Yeongdeungpo-gu Office are on constant standby to help ease inconveniences in the civil administration service for foreigners and Korean nationals, and provide efficient administrative services including the prompt, friendly processing of civil administration matters.

    Additionally, to galvanize business startup and investment by foreigners, the center also comprises the Incubating Office, which provides foreigners with assistance in the early phase of business and investment.

    For counseling on business startup, more detailed information, and inquiries on how to use the Yeouido Global Business Center, please visit the Yeouido Global Business Center’s website (http://global.seoul.go.kr/yeouido), or dial +82-2-6137-9830~9833.