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  • Yeoui Ice Park Opens in 2016

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will run an ice skating rink and a sledding slope in Yeouido Park in 2016, for the second year since 2015, to revitalize the use of the park in winter.

    In 2016, it will also run a sledding slope, snow playground, food markets and food trucks to provide a variety of activities and food. The name of the place is Yeoui Ice Park, with more expanded features.

    The Yeoui Ice Park will be open from 10 am to 9:30 pm everyday for 71 days from December 9th, 2016 to February 17th, 2017. It will be open from 4 pm on the opening day due to the opening ceremony.

    People can play at the snow playground for free when they are waiting to use the sledding slope or even if they don’t use the facility. They also can visit exhibition booths installed together. However, the skating rinks and the sledding slope can only accommodate up to 400 people at a time in order to prevent accidents.

    – Website: www.yicepark.com
    – Tel: 070-4242-1222

    Admission fees for Yeoui Ice Park

    Division Ticket Admission fees Note
    Skating rink One-time ticket for the skating rink 1,000 won
    1-Day pass for the skating rink 2,000 won
    Skate rentals 1,000 won * Helmets included
    * No additional cost per rental per day
    Sledding slope One-time ticket for the sledding slope 2,000 won * No sled rental fee
    1-Day pass for the sledding slope 3,000 won
    1-Day pass 1-Day pass for the Ice Park 5,000 won * Free skate rental for the day
    * Holders of the 1-day pass for the Ice Park can use the skating rink and the sledding slope without time limit on the date of purchase


    Fees for season tickets

    Division Ticket Admission fees Note
    Season ticket Season ticket for the skating rink 30,000 won * Free skate rental
    * 10% discount off skate lesson
    Season ticket for the sledding slope 30,000 won
    Season ticket for the Ice Park 50,000 won * Free skate rental
    * 20% discount off skate lessons

    ※ 10% discount for groups of 20 people or more (Inquiries: 070-4242-1222)

    Yeoui Ice Rink Events and Permanent Programs

    Events schedule

    Period Program Contents
    Dec. 9th (Fri)
    to Dec. 11th (Sun)
    Yeoui Ice Park Festival Opening ceremony and concert experience program and exhibition open
    Dec. 18th (Sun) Polar Bear Athletics Competition Ice skating / sledding slope events utilizing various costumes
    Dec. 23rd (Fri)
    to Dec. 25th (Sun)
    Christmas Festival Christmas Concert Citizen Participation Event (Rudolph’s Nose)
    Jan. 1st (Sun), 2017 New Year Festival Discount for people born in the Year of the Rooster!
    New Year’s event and traditional play experience events
    Jan. 27th (Fri)
    to Jan. 31st (Mon)
    New Year’s Events Discounts for citizens wearing Hanbok (on the day of Lunar New Year)
    New Year Hanbok skating,
    Traditional play experience events
    Feb. 14th (Tue) Romantic Valentine Celebrate Valentine’s Day and hold various events for confessing love for lovers


    Yeoui Ice Park Permanent Programs

    Program Location Contents
    Snow Experience Playground Snow Playground Experience-oriented winter playground for children
    PUCCA Photo Zone Snow Playground Photo Zone using popular character Pucca
    Exhibition Experience Booth Snow Playground Booths of Seoul City and other sponsored companies and various experience booths
    Ice Park Dance Party All over the Ice Park Every evening at 8 pm everyday with exciting dance music shaking the Ice Park


    Directions to Yeouido Park

    Subway Line 5 Yeouido Station Exit 3. Walk for about 7 minutes to the National Assembly Bldg.
    Subway Line 5 Yeouinaru Station Exit 1. Walk for about 10 minutes to Kukmin Daily News Bldg.