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  • Yachting on the Hangang Now Available for Seoul’s Citizens

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    Seoul City (Hangang Project Headquarters) will inaugurate the Seoul Marina, a general yachting facility for the public with berths for 90 yachts, behind the National Assembly building at Yeouido Hangang Park on April 16.

    Seoul Marina – daytime bird’s eye view, Berths at Seoul Marina

    Scheduled to take place during the Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival, the inaugural ceremony will start with a pre-opening event at 2 pm, to be followed by various celebratory events around the Wind Plaza and Marina Center in Seoul Marina, including a maritime children’s choir and an aquatic yachting parade.

    Following the inaugural ceremony, the 2011 Seoul Boat Show will take place from April 16 to 19. During the event twenty yachts will be displayed on the river, and various aquatic experience programs, including the Dinghy Yacht Experience, as well as a wide variety of cultural performances, will be open to the public.

    Seoul City has set the yachting fees at the Seoul Marina at the lowest level in Korea to enable everyone to enjoy yachting on the Hangang River.

    A dinghy yacht for one to three people costs 4,000 won to rent for one hour, while a cruise yacht for six people costs 90,000 won (15,000 won per person) for one hour. These rates are only about 60 percent of the average rates charged at marinas throughout Korea (7,500 won/26,000 won).

    Seoul City plans to operate diverse yachting education programs for a range of target audiences, including children and adults, to enable citizens to learn how to sail a yacht properly.

    Seoul City announced that it will operate (starting on April 16) a “bicycle ferry” linking Seoul Marina and Mangwon Hangang Park at hourly intervals (10-minute ride) for the eminently affordable fare of 1,000 won per person. The ferry will serve as another bicycle path across the river after the Mapodaegyo bicycle route.

    For further information on how to use the yachts, please visit the Seoul Marina website at (http://www.seoul-marina.com), or dial (+82-2-423-7888).