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  • World’s Concrete Pavement Experts to Come to Seoul for the International Conference in October

  • Press Releases SMG 805
    • – The Seoul Metropolitan Government and Korea Block Association will hold the “12th ICCBP (International Conference on Concrete Block Pavement) SEOUL 2018” from Oct 16th to 19th.
    • – This conference is the only one international event related to concrete block payment. It’s the first time for Seoul to host the conference with 700 participants from 30 countries
    • – Seoul city will open a Seoul Pavilion to introduce its ten commandments for pavement block and sidewalk and its other innovative policies
    • – The conference includes an opening ceremony, pavilions for exhibition and symposiums; Companies who want to join the exhibition can apply for participation on the official website until September 14th.

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 29, 2018 – Specialists, researchers, professors, associations and urban experts in concrete block pavement come to Seoul from all over the world. The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will open the 2018 ICCBP at the Korea Chamber of Commerce & Industry from Oct 16(Tue) to 19(Fri). Three years ago, the city government successfully won a bid for the conference through aggressive marketing activities with Korea Block Association. The conference is the only one of its kind related to concrete block pavement at a global scale. 700 participants from 30 countries join the conference where keynote speeches and 40 theses are delivered. 58 exhibition booths will be installed. The ICCBP was first launched by the SEPT (Small Element Pavement Technologists) in 1980 in Newcastle, England. The SEPT is a group of researchers, professors and associations that pursue the academic and technological development of block pavement. The ICCBP is held every three years. This is the first time for Seoul to host the conference. The Seoul city government made a group of 36 persons partially coming from the member companies under the Korea Block Association in September 2015. They presented the proposal to host the next conference and ran the Seoul exhibition booth at the 11th ICCBP in Dresden, Germany. With such effort, Seoul made success in a bid for the 2018 ICCBP as a host country.

    The Seoul city government will make an exhibition pavilion at the conference where the city government will introduce its innovative pavement policies. Seoul has aggressively implemented the relevant policies including “ten commandment of pavement block” and “ten commandment of sidewalk” under the theme of “Walking Seoul.” The city government will also introduce its innovative walking policies to the world including “Pavement Block EXPO” that Seoul has hosted since 2013. So far, 43 booths have been booked out of 58 booths with the participation from various countries such as Korea, US, Germany and Italy. The opening ceremony will be held on Oct 17th (Wed) with an opening remark and a fusion performance combining Korean traditional literature and music. On the last day of the event, participants can have a walk in major walking roads including Cheonggyecheon and enjoy cultural experience by visiting palaces.