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  • World-Renowned Robotics Engineer Dennis Hong to Be Appointed as Honorary Ambassador of Seoul

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    Dennis Hong, a world-renowned robotics engineer, will be appointed as an honorary ambassador of Seoul. The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) has plans to raise the status of the city by appointing a robotics expert in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and promote its relevant policies to rebuild Seoul as a global smart city.

    The appointment ceremony will take place at 10 AM on Fri, Nov. 20, 2020 at Seoul City Hall, where he will receive a plaque of honorary ambassador and officially start his publicity activities for Seoul as he gives an online lecture on robots and artificial intelligence (AI).

    The lecture will talk about “our attitude to usher in the upcoming age of robots and AI,” and it will be live streamed starting at 10:10 AM on Seoul’s YouTube channel (https://youtu.be/upDV1ROqYgM).

    Through the lecture, Mr. Hong will take the examples of robots that are under development in RoMeLa (Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory) of the University of California, Los Angeles, of which he is the Founding Director. The lecture will be an opportunity to delve into questions of how far AI technology for robotics has advanced, what is true and false about robots, what our future holds, and what attitude we should have about it.

    After being appointed as an honorary ambassador of Seoul, Dennis Hong will promote administrative policies of the smart and safe city of Seoul equipped with advanced technologies, including robotics and AI.

    Additionally, he will appear in Seoul’s global city brand promotional video. He will participate as the main model in the promotional and marketing video of “Global and Safe Seoul” to introduce the city’s measures for disease control and prevention in preparation for the post-COVID-19 era.