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  • World No Tobacco Day Events Held at Seoul Plaza, Sites for Respective Autonomous Districts

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    May 31 is World No Tobacco Day, which was designated by the World Health Organization to urge the world to work together to raise awareness of the risks posed by smoking tobacco and to establish an anti-smoking culture. Marking the 24th World No Tobacco Day this year, diverse events will take place at Seoul Plaza to widely publicize the harmful effects of smoking and to promote the importance of non-smoking during the Anti-Smoking Week, which runs from May 31 to June 6.

    Pledge form to declare no-smoking, Anti-smoking tower

    The Korean Association of Smoking and Health coordinated an anti-smoking street campaign at 11 am on May 31, in which participants attended a street parade from Seoul Plaza to Cheonggye Plaza, and distributed promotional fliers, after reciting the Anti-Smoking Declaration. In addition, an anti-smoking clinic will be operated at Seoul Plaza (daily from 10 am to 5 pm, starting June 1), where members of the public can have their basic state of health assessed, including blood pressure, weight, and waist measurement, and where smokers can receive counseling on how to cope with withdrawal symptoms and anti-smoking supplements.

    The Ministry of Health and Welfare will operate a street exhibition of the world’s tobacco packages, anti-smoking policies, tobacco package labels, regulations and overseas cases, as well as introducing the harmful effects of smoking, and a street exhibition hall that will offer in-depth analysis of the harmful substances contained in tobacco.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will conduct an anti-smoking campaign in which it will collect anti-smoking pledges through “anti-smoking pledge towers”, two each of which were installed in the Seoul, Cheonggye, and Gwanghwamun Plazas, in order to encourage citizens to take part in the campaign on a voluntary basis. The plazas were designated last March as “no-smoking areas.”

    The City Government will also crack down on violators of anti-smoking regulations at Seoul, Cheonggye and Gwanghwamun Plazas beginning on June 1. A fine of 100,000 won will be imposed on each violator.

    The City Government will also mobilize campaign staff – dubbed “anti-smoking area guardians” – at the Seoul, Cheonggye and Gwanghwamun Plazas, and will continue to educate smokers and prevent them from smoking within no smoking areas in order to mitigate the harm caused by passive smoking within anti-smoking areas.