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  • World mayors to call on promptly taking action against climate change in the Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change

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    • Seoul and ICLEI jointly host the “Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change 2019” in COEX from October 24 to 25
    • About 300 participants will put their heads together to discuss how to overcome the climate crisis

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, October 23, 2019 — As the Paris Agreement will take effect at a full scale from 2020 with the tension of climate crisis going up, about 300 participants will put their heads together to discuss how to overcome the climate crisis. They include mayors in 37 cities including Seoul from 25 countries, members of international organization and citizens.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced that it will host the “Seoul Mayors Forum on Climate Change 2019” (“Mayors Forum”) in COEX for two days from October 24 to 25. The delegates from 36 cities in 25 countries will participate in the forum. The delegation cities include Ankara, the capital of Turkey, Quelimane of Mozambique, Nagpur of India and Chefchaouen of Morocco , the the Executive Committee City of Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy (GCoM).

    The forum this time has a great significance as it serves as an extension of global movement that urges the world to take an urgent response to climate crisis. At the forum, participants will share a sense of crisis and world cities will raise voices to respond and take action against the climate change, led by local governments.

    Since launched as one of the sessions of the 2015 Seoul ICLEI World Cities Summit, this year marks the third anniversary of the Mayors Forum is held this year. The Mayors Forum has strived to strengthen local governments’ collaboration to respond the climate crisis by closing cooperation with the local government network such as the ICLEI and GCoM. In addition, Seoul provides administrative and technology support to successfully achieve the “Ambitious City Promise” (ACP), launched in 2017 Mayors Forum, which is to spread the “Seoul’s Promise” case to South East Asia. Among these cities, implementation plans will be finalized by June of next year in three cities including Jakarta, Pasig and Hanoi.

    The theme of this year’s forum will be “local governments’ response to climate change with a leadership and accelerated approach”.

    In the morning session on October 25, “2019 Seoul International Energy Forum” will be held with a theme of “Seoul city’s performance and outlook on One Less Nuclear Power Plant.”