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  • World hallyu fans experience Seoul through a hallyu concert

  • Integrated News SMG 1814

    The City of Seoul has successfully completed its Seoul online promotion utilizing the global public relations representative, the MBLAQ Asia Tour Concert, indelibly marking Seoul as the center of the hallyu (Korean wave) in the hearts of fans around the world.

    The City of Seoul held a contest running from June to the beginning of August through an online ticket promotion of the MBLAQ Asia Tour Concert (Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, etc.), with the theme “If you could shoot a music video with MBLAQ in Seoul…..?” inviting people to film a short scene at a Seoul attraction, for which a total of 528 people entered. During the promotion period, the number of monthly visitors to the City of Seoul’s online channels doubled, confirming the consistently strong interest in hallyu content from people all around the world. The City of Seoul’s Facebook page is particularly steady in its online promotion of hallyu while serving as a communication window for hallyu fans around the world, and currently has 100,000 Seoul fans as members.

    Since 2010, with stars like Kim Hyun-joong, Xia Junsu, and MBLAQ at the center of the Korean Wave, and through the City of Seoul’s global public relations representative and active utilization of hallyu stars’ overseas concerts, giveaways, public relations videos, and online promotions, the City of Seoul’s overseas marketing has quickly developed through the internet, with eight of the City of Seoul’s overseas SNS channels attracting 50,000,000 Seoul fans as visitors.

    The focus on online marketing, which reaches far beyond regional boundaries, not only raises brand recognition and global awareness of the City of Seoul, but also offers a medium through which fans can experience Seoul and its fun, specialized hallyu content. As such, it continues to persuade people from around the world to visit Seoul.

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