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Press Releases

  • The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (WeGO) signs a MOU with The Export-Import Bank of Korea

  • SMG 2095

    – Young-sook Nam, Secretary General of WeGO signs a MOU with Kim Sung-Taek Senior Executive Director of the Export-Import Bank of Korea on 15th March
    – Agreement of mutual cooperation to EDCF for e-government, to discover new projects and form a cooperative system to sustain and develop those projects
    – Leading the way for local IT companies to actively advance internationally, To heighten the capability of WeGO member cities on its’ e-government system

    □ Seoul, chairing city Seoul for WeGO, opens a route to support developing cities with e-government through a MOU with the Export-Import Bank of Korea

    □ The World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments (Young-sook Nam, Secretary General of WeGO) and the Export-Import Bank of Korea (Lee Duk-Hoon, Chairman and president of Exim Bank of Korea) has announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on 15th March for a cooperative relations for e-governments

    □ Young-Sook Nam, Secretary General has met Kim Sung-Taek senior vice president in Yeouido Korea Exim Bank headquarters at 3pm and agreed on a cooperative relationship to support e-governments for developing cities
    ○ WeGO is an organization that has been committed to pursuing sustainable urban development and smart city based on e-Government with the support of its global network of member cities with ICT. WeGO, established in 2010, international organization, connecting cities, has 45 countries and 95 member cities and Seoul is the chairing city for this organization
    ○ Korea Exim Bank running Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) has been dedicated in industrialization and economic development of developing countries by bridging cooperative relationships between these countries and Korea

    □ As per the MOU, the two organizations will agree to ▼Korea Exim Bank will examine and consider to provide EDCF assistance to WeGO for e-government feasibility study prior to the main project ▼Korea Exim Bank to provide consultation during this WeGO e-government feasibility study project for cities ▼ e-government feasibility study that both parties can participate in and identify common project and business opportunities
    ○ Work shop, seminar, case study, education to expand the capability to local governments and sharing of knowledge and propagating this knowledge

    □ WeGO has an ongoing e-government feasibility study project for local IT firms but encountered difficulty financially, the MOU is expected to provide financial aid from the Korean government on the projects to pursue building e-governments for developing countries
    ○ In 2015 WeGO has undergone a feasibility study with Hanoi, Vietnam, two cities in Philippines and two cities in Nepal total 5 cities on Civic Participation-based e-Government System (CPS) and constructed a sample system. This is bench marking Seoul Smart Complaint Center system for Seoul

    □ Young-Sook Nam, Secretary General has assured “WeGO and Korea Exim Bank will cooperate to pursue the project on developing cities to expand capabilities of e-government and bridge the digital divide for the world cities and also hopes to uncover opportunities for local IT companies to provide e-government consultation internationally and expand export opportunities with WeGO’s network.