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  • World Cup cheering venues in various places around Seoul

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    During the World Cup, all of Korea enjoys the Red Devils, fans of our national team bedecked in red t-shirts and devil horns to display their passionate support. They led the cheering during the World Cup in 2002 and 2006, and they have again returned to shore up support for this year’s tournament at various areas around the city of Seoul.
    One of those places is the all-famous Seoul City Hall Plaza. Already heated up from South Korea’s first match on June 12 with Greece, which ended in a sweet victory, the Red Devils will again flood into the Seoul square on June 17 for the match against Argentina and on June 23 for the match with Nigeria.

    The cheering chant – Dae~Han Min Kook! – can also be heard at the Gyeongbokgung station of Subway Line No. 3. For the June 12 game, a special stage was set up in the subway station’s art gallery to serve as a cheering area.
    A B-Boy concert and special shows by the Seoul Metro Artist Youth Cheering Squad and the Incheon University Cheering Squad held before the game that day fueled the frenzy. A cheering event has been planned at the Sports Complex subway stop along the No. 2 line for the game with Argentina, scheduled for June 17.

    Seoul Grand Park is serving as a cheering venue for families. The park was the site of a well-wishing event for the Korean team before it had its first match.
    Fans are also welcome to gather at Garden Five Central Plaza to shout and cheer. Following the June 12 match, impassioned fans can gather at the Garden Five Life plaza, called “Central Garden,” for the June 17 game.
    Participants can view the game on a monster-sized screen installed within the Garden Five grounds. In tune with the fervor, a variety of cultural events, including a B-Boy concert, a fusion Korean traditional music show, and a rock band performance will take place to whip up the fanfare.