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  • World Culture Festival (Namsangol Foreigners’ Flea Market)

    00:00 Hello, this is Serena.
    00:00:02 Today, I came to Hanok village.
    00:00:05 I’ll show you.
    00:00:06 This is Namsangol Hanok Village that is famous in Korea.
    00:00:10 World Culture Festival will be held today in this Hanok village.
    00:00:17 So many visitors are here today.
    00:00:19 Follow me. Let’s check it out!
    00:00:32 Foreigners’ Flea Market held at the Namsan Hanok Village is an event where they understand each other’s culture
    00:00:38 and communicate while sharing goods, at the same time contributing to promotion of recycling.
    00:00:47 The Chinese booth is here.
    00:00:49 Let’s have a look at what they’re selling.
    00:00:55 China~~
    00:00:57 What is this place?
    00:00:58 This is a space where you can experience Chinese culture.
    00:01:04 The Taekwondo performance will begin soon.
    00:01:06 Shall we watch it together?
    00:01:20 Now, I’m at the Namsangol Foreigners’ Flea Market.
    00:01:26 Everything in this flea market is very cheap.
    00:01:29 Every stuff is all hand-made art props.
    00:01:32 This is the way to show each culture of other countries.
    00:01:38 More people can promote their country’s culture.
    00:01:41 I think it’s very good opportunity.
    00:01:46 I think this type of flea market is very meaningful.
    00:01:50 You can have cultural exchange with people from various countries.
    00:01:55 Also, you can exchange feelings.
    00:01:57 So, see you next time. Bye Bye~
    00:02:00 The Namsangol Foreigners’ Flea Market, which is held regularly, sells exotic goods and offers a variety of world cuisine and cultural experience programs.
    00:02:08 It is a place of exchange where you can experience global culture while feeling the 1980s Korean atmosphere in the night market.