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  • World City Experts to Gather in Seoul in October

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    Experts in city administration, transportation and economy from around the world are set to gather in Seoul in October. The Seoul Metropolitan Government will hold diverse international conferences and cultural events, in which global leaders will visit Seoul and engage in debates on urban development, during the month of October. These events are expected to allow Seoul to confirm its global stature and competitiveness, and position itself as a leading host city of international conventions.

    First, the “Seoul Congress of the Asian Network of Major Cities 21(ANMC21),” which will bring together representatives of twelve cities, namely Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Manila, Singapore, Taipei, Yangon, Bangkok, and Tomsk (observer city), will take place from October 10 to 11. At the congress, representatives from different cities will hold discussions to find solutions for the “development of waterfront areas,” which could enrich the life of citizens in metropolitan cities, and “measures for the prevention of large-scale disasters,” which have occurred with increasing frequency in recent times.”

    Also, a Seoul-Prague Day event will take place at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and in the Cheonggyecheon area from October 20 to 23. This event will allow Seoulites to encounter the culture and arts of Prague, which is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of Eastern Europe.”

    The International Association of Public Transport (UITP) Asia-Pacific Assembly, which will bring together 150 transport experts and officials in charge of urban transport policy from the Asia Pacific region, will also take place for three days from October 24 under the theme of “The Invigoration of Integrated Public Transport for Sustainable Urban Development.”

    On October 28, the City Government will present sixteen foreigners with Seoul honorary citizenships on the occasion of the “Seoul Honorary Citizens’ Day” for their contributions to the City’s development.

    Additionally, the 1st Metropolis Asian Women’s Network Forum was held under the theme of “Women in Asian Cities: Crisis, Agency and Change” on September 27. More than 200 people responsible for coordinating women’s policy in Asian cities visited Seoul to attend the event.

    Using various international conferences to bring together experts from related fields in September and October, the Seoul Metropolitan Government aims to seek cooperation and co-prosperity with world-leading cities, and find solutions to pending issues, while promoting its stature as a leading Asian city to the entire world. Furthermore, the City Government will step up its efforts to attract international organizations to Seoul, and proactively address the common challenges facing the world, including the environment, green growth, and urban development, in order to consolidate its stature as a global leading city.

    Introduction of events in October

    Date Event title Description Inquiries
    Oct.10 (Mon) ~
    11 (Tues)
    2011 ANMC21 Asian metropolitan cities, including Seoul, Tokyo, Delhi, and Singapore, gather together to discuss ways of promoting co-prosperity and resolving pending issues
    – Theme: Development of waterfront areas, prevention of disasters
    Transportation Policy Development Team, Seoul Metropolitan Government
    The Westin Chosun Seoul(Hotel)
    Oct. 20 (Thurs) ~
    23 (Sun)
    Seoul-Prague Day Cultural and art exchange between Seoul and Prague : Classical concerts, movie festival, lithography exhibition, concerts, etc. Transportation Policy Development Team, Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Sejong Center for the Performing Arts and Cheonggyecheon
    Oct. 24 (Mon) ~
    26 (Wed)
    International Association of Public Transport(UITP) – 150 transport experts from around the world will come together to discuss ways of invigorating integrated public transportation systems for sustainable urban development. Transportation Policy Development Team, Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Lotte Hotel
    Oct. 28 (Fri) 2011 Seoul Honorary Citizens’ Day – Awarding of Honorary Citizenship Certificates to 16 Seoul Honorary Citizens selected in 2011. Transportation Policy Development Team, Seoul Metropolitan Government
    Sejong Center for the Performing Arts