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  • World’s documentary heritage on display in Seoul

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    The International Archival Cultural Exhibition 2010, June 1-6, 2nd floor of COEX
    Festival of the world’s document heritage…1,000 national treasures on display

    There is a great chance to see Tripitaka Korea, the original Gutenberg Bible and representative UNESCO designated world document heritage in one place.

    The International Archival Cultural Exhibition 2010 opens on June 1 through 6 on the first floor of the COEX A Hall. This exhibit showcases 1,000 items of original world document heritage including Tripitaka Koreana, the Gutenberg Bible, the Grimm’s Fairy Tale collection, Joseonwangjosillok, the Diary of Seungjeongwon, Uigwe, and Donguibogam, as well as rare items including the Declaration of Human Rights and original drawings of the Eiffel Tower of Paris and the original version of the War Diary.

    One of the most eye catching is Tripitaka Korea (National Treasure No. 32). The original version of the Tripitaka was moved from Hapcheon Hainsa to Seoul 17 years ago. The number of boards of the UNESCO-designated Tripitaka amount to 80,000 and 84,000 Buddhist writings are inscribed in tens of billions of characters. It is the oldest complete collection of the Buddhist Sutras in the world.

    The original Gutenberg Bible makes its debut in Korea

    Another attention-grabber is the original version of the Gutenberg Bible. The Gutenberg bible was known as the world’s first metal type until “Jikji Simche Yojeol(collections abstracted from preachment, conversations and letters by monks)” was designated as the world’s first by UNESCO. It is a Latin vulgate bible printed by Joannes Gutenberg in the 15th century and often called the 4-line bible since one page is in 42 lines.

    In addition to this, the collection of Grimm Brother’s Fairy Tales including Snow White, Red Hat and Hansel and Gretel and representative UNESCO archival documents such as Joseonwangjosilok, Dairy of Seungjeongwon, Magna Carta, De Gaulle’s plea, Beethoven’s Symphony 9, as well as numerous national treasures.

    IACE showcases documents by UN, 18 nations

    The international Archive Exhibit displays the worldwide heritage from the United Nations and 19 nations in five continents.

    The exhibit displays a total of 400 items including the video and photos of the 1950-53 Korean War and the first general election in Korea – submitted by the United Nations, France’s Napoleonic Code, the Unite States Declaration of Independence and Constitution, Korean War records and 19 century Hanoi map and Northern Vietnam’s Constitution.

    Hands-on experience and demonstration of making ancient documents

    Visitors can participate in the events held at the hands-on experience exhibit. The ritual reproduces the ceremony of the official deposit of the Annals to the depository for safekeeping which had been conducted in the Joseon Dynasty. It also presents the ceremony of moving the Tripitaka Koreana which had been produced during the Mongol invasion of Korea to the Haeinsa Temple for safekeeping against the continued threat of Japanese pirates.

    The admission is free until June 6 and the guided tour is provided for group visitors. More information is available at http://www.iace.or.kr/ Contact: The Ministry of Public Administration and Security- National Archives of Korea at (82) 31-750-2298