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  • Women’s Craft Market to be Held Every Weekend in Anguk-dong

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    Seoul’s representative women’s craft market, “Gamgodang-gil Craft Market,” will open its doors this year on April 20, 2019. The Gamgodang-gil Craft Market is a weekend craft market that opened in 2015 to support the market for craftswomen in Seoul. Starting this year, the market will change its name to the “Gamgodang-gil Craft Market” and be held in a new and refreshed way.

    Gamgodang-gil is a 440-meter alleyway that stretches from Anguk-dong Rotary to the Jeongdok Public Library. It is a beautiful, historical path on which Gamgodang, the family home of Queen Inhyeon, once stood.

    The Gamgodang-gil Craft Market will be held regularly, every Saturday and Sunday (excluding July and August, during the severely hot season), starting on April 20, 2019 until October. The market will be ready to welcome citizens who come to visit Anguk-dong and Samcheong-dong.

    A hundred teams of craftswomen, who have been selected as participants for the first half of the Gamgodang-gil Craft Market, will showcase special craftworks, each with a unique story.

    Photos of the 2018 Women’s Craft Market
    Photos of the 2018 Women’s Craft Market