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Mayor's Hope Journal

  • “Wishing Stone Piles at Baekdamsa Temple”

  • Mayor's Hope Journal SMG 3525

    I passed by Baekdamsa Temple yesterday on my way to spend a night at Bongjeongam Temple.

    In the valley in front of Baekdamsa Temple, there are countless piles of wishing stones of various shapes and sizes that people have stacked up. On my way up the mountain, I became keenly aware of the sheer number of small wishing stone piles everywhere. They’ve been stacked up quite high, even though all of them might be destroyed or swept away in a heavy rain.

    During my five-hour climb, I prayed for all the wishes of the people who made these wishing stone piles to come true. If you are currently going through a difficult time in your life, don’t lose hope. I’m also standing with you.