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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • Wishing That Our Dream of the Eurasian Railroad Being Linked Through the Unification of the Two Koreas Could Come Sooner

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 2270

    At the ceremony of opening the Yongsan-Munsan section of the Seoul-Sineuiju Line of Railroad

    Date: 12/26/2014
    Venue: Yongsan Station, Seoul

    How are you all today? Let me congratulate you on the opening of the entire Yongsan-Munsan section of the Seoul-Sineuiju Line of Railroad. This line will help people in the northwestern section of the Greater Seoul area travel more conveniently, and will serve as a forward base for the country’s unification. Here are my words of thanks to Minister Seo Seung-hwan of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Rep. Jin Yeong, and Gyeonggi Governor Nam Kyung-pil for providing generous support in the improvement and expansion of the railroads in the Greater Seoul area.

    The railroad linking Seoul with Sineuiju in North Korea was first opened in 1906. Since the division of the country, the Seoul-Munsan section has been in operation in the South. By 2012, the work for making it a double-track electrified railroad had been carried out.

    With the completion of Phase-3 project linking Yongsan with Gongdeok, the line has been connected to the Cheongryangri-Yeongju Railroad. The newly extended line will go a long way towards providing more convenient transportation to people in Seoul and creating a balanced development of the two areas of Seoul. We also sincerely wish that a day might come earlier, when it is linked to the Eurasian Railroad with the unification of the two Koreas.

    The laying of the subway line between Yongsan and Munsan enabled us to turn the old aboveground railroad section into green areas (6.3㎞ in length; about 100,000㎡ in size). In that respect, the ceremony held today is also meaningful for the SMG.

    Currently, the central government plans to link the Daegok-Sosa Railroad and the GTX-A Line with the Seoul-Munsan Line. Upon the completion of the project, the chronic traffic congestion in the northwestern section of the Greater Seoul area will be improved to a great extent. It will also bring about a great change in the urban spatial structure of the Greater Seoul area. I hope that the central government and the National Assembly will provide positive support for the plan.

    We at the SMG will work actively together with the Gyeonggi-do Office and the central government for the extension of Subway Lines 4, 5, 8, the New Bundang Line, and the New Ansan Line, as they are important mutually beneficial developments for Seoul and the surrounding areas.

    Thank you.