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  • “A Winter Story at World Cup Park,” Even the Cold is Fun!

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    If you want to enjoy winter in a fun, exciting, and affordable manner in Seoul, don’t miss “A Winter Story in the World Cup Park,” which will take place in Pyeonghwa (Peace) Plaza in World Cup Park.

    From December 26 (Fri) to February 22, 2015 (Sun), a number of events will be held at the Silver Grass (Eoksae) Maze Garden, Silver Grass (Eoksae) Tunnel, and Ice Sledding Rink. Silver grass from Haneul Park will be used to decorate Pyeonghwa (Peace) Park to turn it into a great winter wonderland for children.

    < Fun Places Decorated with Silver Grass – Silver Grass Maze Garden, Silver Grass Tunnel, Winter Garden >

    The “Silver Grass Maze Garden” is a maze made out of silver grass, with a gong situated in the middle of the maze for added fun. In the 55m-long “Silver Grass Tunnel,” pictures of the World Cup Park tell the history of the park, and a “Sound Playground” has been installed that includes animal sound sensors that allow visitors to listen to the sounds of the animals living in the World Cup Park. The “Winter Garden,” at the entrance of the park, has been decorated with LED lights and various objects and plants, including silver grass and snags, and a Silver Grass Photo Zone is available to all visitors if they wish to take special commemorative pictures.

    < 2015 Hope Tunnel >

    A 60-meter-long Hope Tunnel, adorned with illuminated decorations, embraces the Maze Garden to create a fantastic view at night.

    < Ice Sledding Rink >

    An ice sledding rink in Pyeonghwa (Peace) Plaza will also be open to public. Children are admitted for free and adults over 18 years of age are required to pay KRW 1,000. The rink is open from 10am to 5pm. From 2pm to 3pm on Saturdays, an ice sled race is held, and on Sundays, a curling competition is open to all-comers. The winners of these events will receive lucky boxes (20 winners every week, total 140).

    In addition, visitors will be able to play traditional Korean games. The playthings for the games, including jegi (Korean hacky sack), hoops, tuho (pitch-pot), jige (A-frame), and traditional tops, will be provided at the playground to ensure no one will miss out on the fun of these the folk games

    Moreover, nice and warm events will be held between 12pm and 4pm. “Roasting Sweet Potatoes” (KRW 2,000 for materials) and “Natural Hot Pack Making” (KRW 3,000 for materials) will be offered at the park, as well.

    Silver Grass Maze Garden in 2013