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  • Winter Garden of Seoul Botanic Park Runs through February

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government operates the 2018 Winter Garden of Seoul Botanic Park from December 24 to February 2019 at the Plant Culture Center (greenhouse), the Open Forest, and the Lake Garden of the Seoul Botanic Park.

    Inside the greenhouse, the landmark of the Park, there is a seven-meter-tall Christmas tree and citrus tree decorated with oranges and grapefruits. Visitors can also enjoy various exhibitions, including a cactus wearing a Christmas hat and the Gardener’s Christmas Room.

    At the Project Hall on the first floor of the Plant Culture Center, there is the photo zone with the giant Christmas wreath, handmade by 40 volunteers, and the birch wishing tree. The photo zone and the wishing tree will be kept until the end of January. You can write down your own wish on the wish card you can receive from the entrance of the Project Hall during the operation hours from 09:00 am to 16:00 pm.

    Outdoors, between the hours of 18:00 and 22:00, visitors can enjoy the Light Garden from the entrance of the Plant Culture Center to the Lake Garden and the Open Forest.

    The Light Garden houses a large light tree, which is 12 meters tall, standing at the entrance of the greenhouse, a Rainbow Panorama, Winter Forest, and Amaury Gallon Light Tunnel at the Lake Garden, as well as the Cherry Road and LED Silver Tree at the Entrance Plaza of the Open Forest.

    Since its temporary opening on October 11, 2018, Seoul Botanic Park has greeted 970 thousand visitors, as of December 16. The park is planning to help the stable adaptation of plants while gathering different feedback from the public during the pilot operation period in order to improve upon facilities and operational deficiencies prior to the official opening in May 2019.

    During the temporary opening, admission is free, while the greenhouse operation hours in winter (December-February) are one hour shorter, from 09:00 to 17:00, rather than staying open until 18:00, as is done during the rest of the year.