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  • Winner Announcement of the 2018 Seoul Excellent Policy Vote

  • SMG 4764

    Winner Announcement of the 2018 Seoul Excellent Policy Vote We’d like to thank everyone who participated in the 2018 Seoul
Policy Survey. Here are this year’s top 3 policies of Seoul that people
from around the world voted as their favorite. ❶ Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market
❷ Free interview suit rentals for job hunters
❸ Seoul implements reduction of disposable plastic for a “Plastic-free Seoul” Seoul will continue to put forth effort next year in creating livable and
attractive city through policies that truly promote happiness of people.
We will personally contact the winners via email.
The winners are listed below. (Search with Ctrl + F) Notice ※ Prize winning may be canceled if email responses are not received by the specified date.
※ There are no prize exchanges or refunds.
※ Prize shipping is free, however, additional taxes may be imposed on the prize by country or region upon acceptance, of which Seoul will not be held accountable. If you do not wish to receive the prize, please return the package.

    • iPhone XS
      • 张旭*
      • Medios Au**lla Espineda
      • 許*庭
    • AirPods
      • Alexandrea Nor** Albores
      • 比** 弘美
      • 莊*瑾
      • 魏延*
      • 賴*筑
      • *峰
    • Seoul Gwanghwamun Gift Package
      • 楊*茹
      • *音
      • xi**yue
      • 苏*茵
      • *根
      • 廖*華
      • 殷*卿
    • Seoul Snack Package + Seoul Water Bottle(2)
      • 松崎**
      • 門小*合
      • F**g Sum Man
      • 张*迪
      • Bi**y Kumar Sahu
      • HO M** PO
      • 李*美
      • CHIU YU HS**
      • 劉迦*
      • HEZIYA**
      • Alon Levkowi**
      • 許珈*