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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • We will put people’s life and safety first.

  • [2015] Mayor’s Speech SMG 2338

    At a meeting for discussion about MERS-related measures

    Date: 6/3/2015
    Venue: Video Conference Room, Seoul City Hall

    People’s fear is mounting in the midst of the spread of MERS. Needless to say, we should put people’s life and safety first.

    It is time to share accurate information on MERS and work together to cope with it. We must make concerted efforts to overcome the hardship.

    We at the SMG will do what we can in cooperation with the central government to prevent the spread of the disease and treat patients. We will pour all efforts into protection of people’s life and safety. We will check to see whether we have done enough and take stronger measures where necessary.

    As regards to those who have contacted MERS-positive patients, we will take measures to separate them from others, while providing support for them in terms of meals and daily supplies. We will put the elderly and infirm among them in safer places.

    We will make positive efforts to provide information on things like how to prevent MERS, what its symptoms are, where to report MERS patients, and so on. 120 Dasan Call Center will be made to provide MERS-related counseling around the clock. The SMG Anti-MERS Headquarters will be separated on an emergency basis in cooperation with the central government’s headquarters. Local public health centers will treat suspected-MERS patients and those with fever in separation from the others.

    All parties concerned need to take part in the efforts to prevent the spread of MERS. First of all, we would like all people to be very careful about personal hygiene and do things recommended to prevent the contraction of the disease.

    Those kept in isolation facilities should follow instructions from the medical staff. We at the SMG will do what we can to take care of patients, build trust among people, and ease people’s concern.

    It is time to work together to get out of the situation caused by an infectious disease, as we have done in times of need. Please take part in the efforts to prevent the rapid spread of MERS.