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[2014] Mayor’s Speech

  • I will Never Forget What I Determined to Do in the Beginning

  • [2014] Mayor’s Speech SMG 1283

    Press Conference: The 100th Day Anniversary of Inauguration

    Date October 7th, 2014 | Venue Briefing Room at Seoul City Hall

    Hello, everyone. I am Park Won-soon, the mayor of Seoul. I feel as if I embarked on the 2nd city administration with citizens yesterday, but it has been already 100 days since my inauguration. It seems that time passes quickly as the Mayor of Seoul.

    Since the 1st city administration, under the principle that ‘Citizens are the mayor,’ I have worked hard in order to keep the promise of realizing this project. We strive to create a Seoul of happiness where we dream, build, and enjoy our lives together with citizens. During the process, we have implemented over 100 master plans on city administration from the ‘10 Commandments of Sidewalks,’ securing citizens’ happiness and safety, to the ‘2030 Seoul Master Plan’ and ‘Economic Vision 2030,’ established based on the insight for Seoul in 100 years, and to create an innovative administration.

    The city administration operated through cooperative governance by communicating and listening to citizens attentively, deliberating on policies, and implementing on-site visits. In addition, we have innovated in the city administration by eradicating out-of-date practices, as well as uncomfortable and unnecessary procedures. All efforts were made, under the principle of only for Seoul and only for Citizens, to improve the quality of the lives of citizens and to achieve the qualitative development of Seoul.

    On the 100th day anniversary of my 2nd inauguration, I decided to press on harder. In order to harvest the fruits from the master plans of the 1st and 2nd administration, and to let the citizens enjoy those fruits, I decided to dedicate myself more than anyone else.

    Even though doing my best will not be enough, I will dedicate even my last drop of perspiration to the success of Seoul and its citizens.

    Over the past 100 days, I have been busy. With cooperative governance, I have been busy innovating in the administration. I have announced and carried out public service innovation, unequal relationship innovation, a four-year plan for Seoul, and the 2nd phase of the One Less Nuclear Power Plant Project.

    By visiting three cities Europe and four in the United States, I was able to see the future of Seoul and identify the driving force for a creative economy and development in advanced cities. From now on, I will strive only for Seoul and the citizens, being more humble and staying local.

    My only hope as the mayor is to create a Seoul where citizens are happy about their lives, and can realize their own dreams. I hope to see Seoul become a better city to live in. I do not think that I can achieve all of these by myself.

    These things will be possible only when Seoul citizens, Seoul city officials, and our distinguished guests cooperate together. There is a saying, “Do not forget what you determined to do in the beginning.” On the 100th day, 1000th day, or even 2000th day, I will never have forgotten what I determined to do in the beginning.

    Under the unshakable principle that citizens are the mayor, the challenge and dream of Seoul will keep going until Seoul becomes a city where citizens dream, build, and enjoy their own lives with the city administration. For this purpose, we ask for your great support and assistance. We will advance together with you. Thank you.