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[2015] Mayor’s Speech

  • We will make Seoul a Happier and Safer City for Women

  • [2015] Mayor’s Speech SMG 2616

    The 21st General Assembly of Foundation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Associations
    Date October 15th 2014 | Venue Lotte Hotel Crystal Ballroom

    Good morning. I am very pleased to be here today. I am Park Won Soon, the mayor of Seoul Special City. I am so delighted that the 21st General Assembly of Foundation of Asia-Pacific Women’s Associations is being held here in Seoul, and I would like to express my thanks and my hearty welcome to the female leaders of each country attending this conference.

    The main theme of this conference is achieving gender equality and the empowerment of women in the Asia Pacific region. We will find ways to address gender problems, one of the most important issues in the region, and adopt action guides that will be jointly carried out by women over the next two years, based on the details discussed in this meeting. Even after taking office, I have come up with a series of plans designed to make Seoul a happier and safer city, to ensure women’s opportunities to fully display their abilities, and to promote their social participation and economic activities.

    We now provide a safe-return-home program for women who return home late at night, as well as home security services and safe delivery services for single female households, the first of their kind in Korea, allowing women to enjoy safe daily lives. We have also expanded national public day care centers to support women’s active and voluntary social activities. Furthermore, a gender equality committee was set up to create policies for women. We are also implementing plans to transform Magok into a leading city of gender equality.

    We will not stop in our efforts to enhance women’s rights and create a happier city for women. I sincerely hope this conference opens the door for an improvement in women’s rights in the world beyond the Asia Pacific region. I would like to congratulate and express my deep appreciation to the hosting city, Seoul, as well as all the staff of the Foundation of other Asia-Pacific Women’s Associations who worked hard to prepare the event, and all those who participated in the conference. Thank you.