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  • Which Places in Seoul Offer the Best Walking Tours?

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    The Seoul Institute conducted an online questionnaire-based survey for two weeks (7/24/2012 – 8/6/2012), for which there were 892 people respondents.

    □ What attracts people to walking tours in Seoul and which places in Seoul offer the best walking tours?
    – Top priority when choosing a walking tour: To see places of scenic beauty
    – No.1 destination: The path along the Seoul City Wall

    □ Most popular walking destination in Seoul: The path along the Seoul City Wall
    The most popular walking tour course in Seoul turned out to be the Seoul City Wall (45%), followed by the back alleys in Jongno-gu (5.8%), Bukchon Hanok Village (4.9%), Namsan (Mountain) (3.4%), and the Hangang (River) (1.6%).

    Scoring of walking tour courses: walking environment, length, duration (3.69), convenient transportation links to neighboring tourist destinations (3.67), clean surroundings and pleasant atmosphere (3.56) → Relatively high points were given for physical infrastructure.

    Souvenirs (2.60), delivery of interesting information by means of storytelling, etc. (2.79), locals’ kindness (2.85) → Relatively low points were given for the use of human resources.

    Source: The Seoul Institute (2012), How to invigorate walking tours in Seoul
    Note 3) 569 respondents indicated their level of satisfaction (Full marks: 5)

    □ Major motives for going on a walking tour: The satisfaction of visiting places of scenic beauty
    Motives for going on a walking tour: “To visit places of scenic beauty” (4.58), followed by “Desire to know about new places” (4.43), “Need to relieve stress (4.41) ← These factors obtained high scores.
    “Curiosity about locals’ modes of living” (3.56), “Desire to feel pleasure” (3.63), “Doing something interesting during sightseeing (3.66) ← These factors obtained low scores.