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  • Where In Seoul Can You Enjoy Watching Movies and Camping at the Same Time?

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    The “2012 City Center Movie Campers – Tent All Night” screenings where you can watch movies from tents installed on rooftops will be held every Thursday night from this coming 11 to December 6.

    Tent All Night, run by Seoul Art Space_Seogyo, is a unique film festival that will be set up on the first floor deck and rooftop of the Seoul Art Space_Seogyo building. Participants can enjoy movies and even do some light cooking using camping equipment every Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm.

    Four tent theatres will be set up, each of which will screen different movies according to a given theme, so participants can choose which tent and hence which type of movie they want to see. Theatres 1, 2, and 4 will be erected on the center’s roof and Theatre 3 on its first floor.

    Theatre 1, titled Grand Films, will occasionally screen surprising blockbusters hidden among other films such as science fiction, epoch dramas, and epic films that show the grandeur of nature.

    Theatre 2, called Refreshing Films, will show romantic and youthful movies. This theatre is sure to attract young couples to this excellent dating venue.

    Theatre 3, located on the first floor of the center, will screen “Sensuous Films” and will be restricted to viewers aged 19 and over. It will feature quality movies that integrate sexual themes and imagination.

    Theatre 4, which is both a theatre and a cafeteria, will screen movies under the theme of “Big Handful Box Office”. During the week, viewers at this theatre will be able to vote during the week for the most popular “Diversity Movie of the Week” screened at the center.

    In addition to the pleasure of watching these fascinating movies, ‘cine concerts’ will be hosted and a rooftop camping ground will be made available.

    The cine concerts will feature Ujungdokbohaeng from Salon Badavi, the epitome of the young Indie bands in the Hongdae area, specially chosen for this event. In addition, a ‘widescreen two room house’ theatre, officially sponsored by Coleman, a household name in camping equipment, will feature a unique camping experience in the city center.

    Further details of the programs can be found at the Seoul Art Space’s website, http://eng.seoulartspace.or.kr/main/main.asp. Anyone wishing to participate in the events must make an advance reservation by email at seogyo@sfac.or.kr. As the number of participants will be strictly limited, applications will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis.

    You may call the Management Office of the Seoul Art Space_Seogyo at +82-2-333-7219.