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    The time has come for us to realize true citizen autonomy through the cooperation between local borough governments and residents. I believe that the resident associations, representative of the community, are playing an important role in accomplishing this task.

    The late Lyndon B. Johnson visited NASA one day when he was president of the United States. There, he came across a janitor working feverishly at sweeping the floor and asked him what he was doing. The janitor replied without hesitation, “I’m working to put a man on the moon.”

    I believe that what we need now is this pride; the pride which we have in being part of something.

    You may not think that you are doing something very great now. But please remember that you are putting your energy and indulging your passion in making Seoul citizens happier and developing the city to a better place for our children to live.

    – From Mayor Oh’s speech at a presentation by the exemplary residents’ associations on Sept. 16, 2010