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  • What is Seoul to you?

  • Promotion SMG 4294

    We are looking for a new brand for Seoul.

    What is your image of Seoul?
    What is your vision for Seoul in the future?

    Like “I♥NEWYORK,” “I amsterdam,” or “Yes Tokyo,”

    Let’s create a new brand for Seoul together!

    • ▶ Question: What is Seoul to you and why?
    • ▶ Answer: Freely describe your image of Seoul and your idea for its brand.
    • ▶ Basic Format: Seoul is (write image here), because (write reasoning here).
       Example: To me, Seoul is (a seedless apple), because (there’s nothing I don’t like about it).

    • ▶ Period: May 22, 2015 (Fri) – June 15, 2015 (Mon) (*Korea Standard Time)
    • ▶ How to Participate: Log in to the official website of Seoul Metropolitan Government and post a comment.

    • ▶ Announcement of Winners: June 00, 2015
    • ▶ Gifts for Winners: For those selected for providing outstanding answers, a Seoul souvenir (secret box) will be provided.