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  • What Good Design Did the Experts Find in the Traditional Market?

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    The Rediscovering the Traditional Market exhibition will be held at the Design Gallery, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. Sponsored by Seoul Design Foundation, the Rediscovering Traditional Market exhibition will showcase the excellent product ideas and designs that originated from the different points of view of five artists and designers who observed the traditional market located around the Dongdaemun History & Culture Park.

    As such, Rediscovering the Traditional Market represents a rediscovery of love for the market, as well as a reimagining of the market’s design through the eyes of experts.

    Rediscovering the Traditional Market will help us to review the close relationship between life and design and to enjoy comparing the different viewpoints of the design experts in their respective fields of image design, architecture, hanbok design, display planning, and so on. Lectures are also planned to help further visitors’ understanding of the exhibited works. The lectures will be given in the form of Wiki talks where participants will be encouraged to freely exchange their thoughts and opinions. The theme of the lectures is “Good Design, Ethical Design” and each artist will share his or her insights concerning objects found around the marketplace. The event will take place on the October 27th, and we expect an abundant and lively discourse on design and life.

    This exhibition, viewed through the eyes of the designers, will also suggest alternative ways in which the quality of our lives can be enhanced, by experimenting with new possibilities for exploiting the ordinary and popular spaces at Dongdaemun. An insider from the Seoul Design Fund stated, “The Rediscovering the Traditional Market exhibition will help us look back at the relevance of the traditional market. At the same time, the exhibition, which is aimed at the discovery of new possibilities, will raise the question, ‘What will you buy?’ through designs that are closely related to our lives, and help us with the process of answering that question.”