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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • What do you LOVE about Seoul?

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    What do you LOVE about Seoul? What INSPIRES you about living, working and playing here? Is it the weather? The people? The food? The culture? The beauty? TED wants to know!
    Chris Anderson, TED Curator, wants to know, What inspires you about Seoul?

    Were asking you to:
    • Provide a link to a single photographic image from our city of something thats working or which has inspired you.
    • Say why, in about 50 words or less written text.
    Submit your photos and stories by May 21st.

    These stories will be included in a video TED is building around the City 2.0 project that will appear on the TED.com site, and Chris may also include them in a talk he is giving about cities.

    TED will credit you and our city, of course! and youll also be helping build an archive of urban inspiration that can inspire other cities.
    Coutesy : David Choo, TEDx Ambassador, TEDxItaewon Licensee/Curator