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  • How Well Do You Know Korean Food?

  • Issue / Project SMG 1817
    Hello. I’m Deungjeong from China.

    First of all, I really appreciate you guys giving me such a great chance to eat delicious traditional Korean dishes through Seoul Challengers.

    I can’t wait anymore. Let’s go right now!

    Wow. These dishes, in front of me, are called Korean table d’hote with beef.

    The biggest benefit of Korean table d’hote is that you can enjoy a variety of side dishes.

    Then, I will try soybean paste stew.

    Soybean paste stew is one of the most traditional Korean dishes.

    Oh, it’s hot.

    Umm, it’s really delicious.


    I personally like steamed egg and I really love this restaurant’s steamed egg.

    Let me taste it.


    This is grilled fish Korean people love. It’s called ‘Jogi’ in Korean.

    Umm, delicious.

    In fact, I really like Korean styled grilled fish. It’s aromatic.

    It seems very fresh and has a very soft texture.

    The next dish I would like to introduce to you is vegetable wraps and rice.

    Put a piece of meat, some rice, kimchi which I like, and a little bit of hot pepper paste.

    The important thing you have to remember when you eat vegetable wraps and rice in Korea is that you have to eat it one bite. Do not eat it in several bites.

    So, I’ll eat it in one bite.

    Umm, I ate all of the kimchi.

    Side dishes are typically all-you-can-eat, so you can eat as much as you want. If you can eat a lot, Korean table d’hote would be perfect for you.

    This is so convenient. Each table has a call bell, so you just press this bell if you need the waiter or waitress’ help.

    I had a really good time here. Especially, I loved charcoal grilled beef.

    I hope more foreigners visit Korea and enjoy traditional Korean cuisine.