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  • Welfare Centers in Seoul Available on Weekends and Nighttime

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    18 Welfare Centers Open in 2015, Used by Over 10,000 Local Residents

    Gasan Social Welfare Center (Woori Jjakji Program)

    Welfare Centers in Seoul are playing a key role in serving as a Sarangbang, meaning a guest room for local residents. Seoul opened 18 welfare centers in 2015 and allowed locals to rent auditoriums and program rooms by 867 times. Through this, as many as 1,465 local residents could use the centers.

    The reason why as many as the citizens could use the welfare centers was the city of Seoul opened parking lots, residents’ lounges and libraries at weekdays’ nights and on weekends, thereby allowing citizens to freely use them. In particular, the city operated 50 different weekend programs for workers, teenagers and family groups who have difficulty in using welfare centers on weekdays. As a result, 8,576 local residents were able to participate in the programs.

    Seoul arranged and provided not only the previous sports program (e.g. ping-pong, basketball and yoga, etc.) but also many distinguishing courses such as color pencil illustrations, crafts with ribbon. Additionally, Seoul occasionally provided movie screening and open lectures so that they resulted in many local residents’ participation.

    Moreover, Seoul operated a variety of programs such as Okping, meaning camping on the roof in social welfare centers along with Woori Jjakjji, meaning partner program where multicultural and Korean families participated, thereby the city could increase the opportunity to meet and communicate with neighbors.

    Gang-dong Social Welfare Center (Wonderful Mom Program)

    Because many citizens felt satisfied with the space opening project, Seoul increased the target centers by twice and decided to increase the support. In accordance with this, Seoul will select target social centers and start the project.

    Particularly, this year, Seoul will mainly focus on promoting regional community and discovering and operating weekend programs put forward by local residents.

    If a Seoul citizen wants to rent a space in Seoul’s social welfare centers, he/she can access yeyak.seoul.go.kr and click Siseoldaegwan, meaning renting a facility to know available facility, date and time and request the rent. Or he/she can contact the relevant social welfare center and reserve in advance to use it.


    ☎ Contact: 120 (Dasan Call Center)