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  • WeGO Social Network English Website Opens on March 22

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    WeGO website Seoul City launched the English-language version of the website (http://www.we-gov.org) for social networking of the WeGO (World e-Governments Organization of Cities and Local Governments) on March 22. The website is designed to enable cities to share and exchange exemplary cases of e-governments and to communicate with citizens who have an interest in building e-governments.

    WeGO is an international organization that was established in September 2010 under Seoul City’s initiative – the first such initiative among Korea’s autonomous governments – with the goal of sharing exemplary cases of e-governments between international cities and closing the information gap.

    The newly launched WeGo English website is a social networking homepage designed to expedite communication with the leaders of e-governments in cities worldwide. Cities and organizations worldwide can benchmark the latest information and contents in the e-government field at a single location through the WeGO website. They can upload and share diverse information and contents in real time, rather than one-way and unilateral provision of information, in cities worldwide, and exchange opinions through social media services (Twitter, etc.).

    By overcoming a management method focused on site manager, the WeGo website has been created as social network homepage based on blogs, and can be accessed through diverse browsers, and smart mobile devices. As such, it will serve as a venue of information sharing based on the smart concept, where people can communicate in real time through social media services.