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  • Website ‘One More Trip’ to Launch to Sell Unique Experience Products of Seoul

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    Seoul City has launched an online platform, called “One More Trip” (www.onemoretrip.net) which aims to connect individual foreign tourists and content providers of unique experience products of Seoul.

    Any inbound travel agencies, start-ups, and small businesses in the tourism industry can register and promote their products on the website by themselves and foreign tourists can search customized products and purchase them.

    The website provides services in both English and Chinese, and payment is available not only using foreign credit cards, but also via global online payment systems such as PayPal, AliPay, and WeChatPay to facilitate a more foreign friendly environment for their convenience.

    It also includes the “Innovative Measures for Seoul Tourism” presented in March 2016. It aims to reduce inconvenience for individual tourists and increase satisfaction of tourists who pursue a unique experience in Seoul.

    Overview of 「ONE MORE TRIP」

    ○ Function: Open market where suppliers and travelers can register and purchase experience-type tourist products.
    – Suppliers (content owners): Registering products and purchase information, starting product sales after approval from system operator.
    – Customers (individual tourists): Purchasing after searching available products by category and uploading reviews after experience.

    ○ Registered products (as of Oct. 31st, 2016): 85
    – Major products: Experience Hallyu (Korean Wave) such as K-pop, Experience traditional markets, Experience making traditional liquor, Enjoying traditional tea at Hanok (Korean traditional house), Walking through old villages in Seoul, etc.

    ○ Operational flow: Registering products (seller) → purchasing products (tourist) → sending voucher (seller → tourist) → use → review → calculation

    ■ Major Experience Products

    Hallyu Snap Tour Cooking Korean Home-Style Meals
    Making Stamps with Korean Letters Making Korean Traditional Liquor