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  • Web Accessibility Quality Mark

Web Accessibility Quality Mark

What is the Web Accessibility Quality Mark?

A certification system that recognizes the level of web accessibility of excellent sites that adhere to web accessibility standards and guidelines so that the disabled and the elderly can use the website conveniently. The quality mark is used to symbolize this on excellent websites.

Overview of Web Accessibility Quality Mark

– Organizer: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
– Certification Body: Korea Institute of Web Accessibility Certification and Value, Korea Web Accessibility Evaluation Center, WebWatch Co.
– Validity: One year from the date of certification
– Judging criteria: Web accessibility quality mark certification standard based on ‘Internet web content accessibility guidelines 2.0’
– Evaluation method: Three-step screening procedure including pre-examination, expert examination, user examination
– Quality mark:

The certification mark for sites with excellent web accessibility (WA certification mark) by Korea Federation of Organization of the Disabled and Korea Institute of Web Accessibility Certification and Value

Act On the Prohibition of Discrimination Against Disabled Persons,
Remedy Against Infringement of Their Rights, ETC.

In accordance with Article 21 (Duty to Provide Legitimate Convenience in Telecommunication and Communications, etc.) and Article 26 (Prohibition of Discrimination in Provisions of Judicial and Administrative Procedures and Services), since April 11th, 2008, Seoul has complied with the guidelines for web accessibility and has been making efforts to ensure that the disabled and the elderly can use the website comfortably.