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  • Wear Hanbok and Watch Performances for Less!

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    Wear Hanbok and Watch Performances for Less

    Visit performance halls wearing a hanbok for a special experience. Those who wear a hanbok are eligible for a discount when watching classical music, dance and traditional music performances.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government encourages a culture of ‘wearing hanbok in daily life’ by offering a discount of up to 30,000 won for performances held at city-run facilities. Shows 30,000 won or less are available for 1,000 won. Watch 21 performances held at Sejong Center, Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater), Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater and other locations between September and November 2017.

    All visitors wearing hanbok are eligible to receive a discount. Select the “Hanbok discount” on the website for discount-eligible performances to reserve at the discounted price.

    <Reservations and Inquiries>
    ○ Sejong Center: www.sejongpac.or.kr / 82-2-339-1000
    ○ Namsan Gugakdang (Traditional Theater): www.hanokmaeul.or.kr / 82-2-2261-0500
    ○ Seoul Donhwamun Traditional Theater: www.sdtt.or.kr / 82-2-1544-1555
    ○ Dream Forest Art Center: http://www.dfac.or.kr/ / 82-2-2289-5401
    ○ Samcheonggak: 82-2-740-3207 ※ Phone reservation only

    Visit the performance hall wearing a hanbok to watch the reserved performance after going through a hanbok check procedure. Those who did not reserve tickets are still eligible for a discount as long as they wear a hanbok.

    ※ The hanbok check procedure is carried out at the photo zone next to the ticket office. The ticket-selling staff will take photos of people wearing hanbok and the photos will only be used to calculate the discount.

    List of Performances Eligible for Hanbok Discount

    No.Facility NamePerformance NameDurationRegular PricePrice After Discount
    1Sejong CenterTchaikovsky Ballet Special Gala‘17. 9. 6~9R: 70,000 won40,000 won
    S: 50,000 won20,000 won
    A: 30,000 won10,000 won
    2Sejong CenterChamber Series‘17. 9. 9R: 50,000 won25,000 won
    S: 40,000 won10,000 won
    3Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Youth Traditional Music EnsembleYouth Music‘17.9.16R: 40,000 won10,000 won
    S: 30,000 won1,000 won
    4Sejong CenterClassic GenerationHumor & Humanity‘17.10.13R: 70,000 won40,000 won
    S: 50,000 won20,000 won
    5Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan ChorusHaydn’s Oratorio and Four Seasons‘17.10.16R: 50,000 won20,000 won
    S: 30,000 won1,000 won
    A: 20,000 won1,000 won
    6Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Traditional Music OrchestraGugak Indoor Festival‘17.11.2~3All seats 20,000 won1,000 won
    7Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Youth Orchestra<Beethoven>‘17.11.4R: 30,000 won15,000 won
    S: 20,000 won10,000 won
    8Sejong CenterSeoul Metropolitan Dance TheaterRomeo and Juliet‘17.11.9~10VIP 70,000 won70,000 won
    R: 50,000 won20,000 won
    S: 30,000 won1,000 won
    9Sejong CenterCollabo M‘17.11.9~11R: 70,000 won70,000 won
    S: 50,000 won20,000 won
    A: 30,000 won5,000 won
    10SamcheonggakJami‘17.8.23~11.30Performance + Meal45.000 won15,000 won
    Performance1,000 won
    11Dream Forest Art CenterHangawi PerformanceHuihui Nangnak‘,000 won10,000 won
    12Seoul Donhwamun Traditional TheaterFuture Masterpieces‘17.9.6~3020,000 won1,000 won
    13Seoul Donhwamun Traditional TheaterJeongno‘17.11.3~2420,000 won1,000 won
    14Namsan GugakdangNamsangol Myeonginyeoljeon (Master Contest)‘17.9.1~2920,000 won1,000 won
    15Namsan GugakdangNamsan Contemporary 3‘17.9.8~920,000 won1,000 won
    16Namsan GugakdangKorean Music in the World‘17.9.28~2920,000 won1,000 won
    17Namsan GugakdangNamsan Contemporary 4‘17.10.13~1420,000 won1,000 won
    18Namsan GugakdangKorean Music in the World‘17.10.1720,000 won1,000 won
    19Namsan GugakdangGood Festival‘17.10.18~2120,000 won1,000 won
    20Namsan GugakdangAutumn Breeze,Playing Heartstrings‘17.10.25~2710,000 won1,000 won
    21Namsan GugakdangNamsan Contemporary 5‘17.11.10~1820,000 won1,000 won