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  • Waste Vinyl to be Used as New Energy Source

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    Vinyl waste products such as coffee mix bags and cookie bags which we use in our daily lives will be used as a new energy source.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government signed an MOU with POSCO Energy for the recycling of waste vinyl; it will distribute the POSCO Energy made bags to be used to collect waste vinyl.

    At present, many households throw away waste vinyl as non-recyclable waste. Most of it is buried underground or incinerated, thereby becoming a cause of environmental pollution.

    “We usually dispose of waste vinyl together with non-recyclable waste. And there is no strict regulation about it,” said Kim Seon-mi (33), housewife in Sadang-dong, Seoul.

    The total volume of waste vinyl collected is expected to reach 862 tons/day in Seoul if waste film wrap is collected completely. It translates into energy-saving effect of 188,713TOE/year and energy import substitution effect worth 104.7 billion won.

    Your participation in the recycling of waste vinyl will help reduce environmental pollution, and you can also save money for the purchase of the bags used for the pay-per-bag trash system.