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  • Waste Discharge to Start on Monday, February 3, 2014

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  • During the season of Korean New Year’s Day, resource recovery facilities, metropolitan landfill sites, street cleaners, and waste treatment facilities will be off-duty. Thus, from January 30 (Thursday) to February 2, (Sunday), discharge of domestic waste is prohibited but will be allowed starting February 3 (Monday).

    During the holiday season, domestic waste must be kept inside homes or commercial buildings; after the season, the waste can be discharged in front of homes or commercial buildings according to the district’s collection schedule. In addition, each autonomous district will provide temporary carrying boxes and containers for temporary storage purposes.

    Those who have complaints regarding domestic wastes can submit their complaints to the Cleaning Management Situation Division . Furthermore, a cleaning patrol team consisting of a total of 230 members from 25 districts will patrol mainly the vulnerable areas every day to prevent inconveniences caused by accumulated wastes on streets in the metropolitan areas. Any and all unauthorized wastes found will be subject to a penalty, and a cleaning team will clean the area.

    You will be fined 200,000 won if caught discharging wastes illegally without using the standard pay-per-bag plastic bags according to the waste management regulation or 100,000 won for not following the waste collection schedule.

    Except on January 31 (Friday), approximately 1,000 street cleaners will have special work days from January 30 to February 2 to keep busy streets clean in the urban areas during the holiday season.

    For complaints, contact: Environment Management Division, +82-2-2133-3733

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