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Global Seoul Mate Activities

  • Walking Around Seoul – Itaewon on Saturday Night (서울 걷기 여행- 불타는 토요일~! 이태원 프리덤)

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    Come with me on a walk around Itaewon on a busy, Saturday night! I highlight several different areas as well as show what a typical Saturday night in Itaewon looks like on the street level. Itaewon is the #1 foreigner district in Seoul, and has been, for several decades. I remember coming to Itaewon in the 1980’s and 1990’s with my family. It was always swarming with foreigners, knock-off shops, cheap clothing and more. Now-a-days, Itaewon is redefining their image as a go-to place for young, urban, open-minded people to enjoy great international foods, drinks and more. The number of foreign pubs and restaurants seem to climb higher and higher every month, and new, chic, cutting edge type of places are popping up to satisfy Seoul’s continuously changing global view of the world. When I first moved to Korea, I will be honest and say that I hated Itaewon. It was too “foreign” with many foreigners everywhere. It didn’t feel like Korea. It felt like some weird place that didn’t interest me. But I’ve since grown to really like the area. It’s contemporary and exploring new ways to introduce cool types of restaurant themes and craft beers (especially the craft beers) to Korea. It’s so cool, in fact, that I am looking to move to the greater Itaewon area to be nearby these great places and it’s central location within Seoul city. ^_^ Please LIKE this video if you enjoyed what you watched! And leave some questions, comments or suggestions! =)