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  • ‘Walk-Thru’ COVID-19 test center at Jamsil Sports Complex

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    As of today, South Korea has more than 100,000 novel coronavirus cases and the country’s health ministry says nearly near 8% have caused secondary infections. Seoul has opened a new walk-thru testing center to better prevent the COVID-19 in the city. It’s at the Jamsil stadium in Seoul. Our Choi Won-jong went out to check it out himself.

    (STANDUP)Usually, at this time of the year, Jamsil Sports Complex is buzzing for the start of the new baseball season, but this year, it is being used as a temporary testing center for COVID-19.Seoul city government announced on Thursday…the launch of a ‘Walk-Thru testing center’ for Seoul residents showing no symptoms on their first day back in the country.Unlike other testing centers, the goal is to stop the spread of secondary infections from imported cases.(KOREAN – )”Since March 29th, the number of daily incomers reached around 2400. For example, yesterday the number was 1600. That’s why we decided on the Jamsil Walk-through.”The process of the ‘Walk-Thru’ testing center is simple.Once individuals arrive at the testing centers, they will be escorted to doctors who will be asking questions based on their condition as well as taking samples.Regardless of whether the results are positive or negative, people are recommended to stay at home for 14 days of self-quarantine.The entire test takes less than 10 minutes, which is twice as fast as drive-thru testing centers, and 6 times faster than getting tested at local hospitals.

    (KOREAN – )”I cannot make predictions on how many will come. Even if a lot come, we would have to test everyone. We think we may have to conduct around 100 to 200 tests per day.”To support this, more than 100 doctors and volunteers will be on hand.As more people hope to be screened, the center official said the facility will be open from 2 pm to 10 pm every day until the COVID-19 situation South Korea is stable.Choi Won-jong, Arirang News.