Volunteers for G-20 summit in Seoul

Seoul City to recruit 4,000 people by end of June who will volunteer from Nov. 11 to Nov. 13

The Seoul Metropolitan City is recruiting volunteers who will assist during the two-day summit of the G-20 in Seoul that runs from Nov. 11 to 12.

The chosen volunteers will work from Nov. 8 to Nov. 13 to support various events such as the G-20 Business Summit to be held from Nov. 10 to Nov. 11 and the G-20 summit that will be held from Nov. 11 to Nov. 12. They will support international visitors who come to Seoul for the meetings by guiding them to their accommodations, as well as helping them visit famous places in Seoul and other regions.

“The volunteers for the G-20 summit and other events will serve as Seoul Metropolitan City’s civilian diplomats, helping boost Seoul City’s image and brand value,” said an official at the City Government.

Guidelines for recruitment of volunteers for G-20

  • Application period : May 27 ~ June 30, 2010
  • Qualification : Korean and international residents who can speak the languages of the G-20 member states
    (※ international residents who can speak Korean)
  • Size of volunteer force : 4,000 (about 2,602 volunteers, or 15 %, will be selected in advance)
    By sector
    DivisionKey areasG-20 Committee
    Detailed sectorTransportationAccommodationTourAdministrationSupport for Business Summit
    No. of volunteers2,8356752704183

  • Recruiting methods: phone interview (first stage), interview and document review (second stage)
  • Recruiting methods 2 : language tests (first stage), interview and document review (final stage)
  • Criteria for recruitment
    – applicants’ past experience with similar events and ability
    – applicants who are fluent in English and other foreign languages are preferred
  • How to apply
    – Internet: (http://volunteer.seoul.go.kr)
    – mail-in application: Seoul Metropolitan Government’s center for volunteers
     (100-043 302, 3rd floor, Namsan Building, 34-5, 3ga Namsan-dong, Joongku, Seoul
    – application through fax: 02-776-8481, 02-2274-73091
  • Announcement of qualified applicants
    – date: July 16, 2010(Friday)
    http://volunteer.seoul.go.kr or http://g20.seoul.go.kr